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  1. What is your opinion on Sherlock fanfiction / different adaptations that change characters dramatically? How much do you think people should stay true to the original canon? I'm thinking of modern adaptations like Elementary with John as a woman, as well as previous rumors that BBC Sherlock's John and Sherlock would be romantically involved. Is there a line that people can cross that will ruin the story, and if so what is it?
  2. Hello all! I'm a huge fan of fan fiction, but as I'm sure you all know it's often hard to trawl through pages and pages of pics looking for one you actually want to read! So I thought it would be a good idea to ask you all what your favourite sherlock fics are! Bonus points for angsty ones hehe :P Thanks!
  3. What is the most exciting imagination? I personally believe that talking straight to your favorite character is most exciting. Just Imagine that some how sherlock becomes real and you know all about him but world along with sherlock do not know about that. Only you know His tricks, his past, his weakness,his ability and even his future. And now you meet sherlock on morning on coffee table. Think of your favorite case and suppose you are in the middle of that. Just think...... you discuss a topic with him. And as you know almost everything about him and case, discussion will be just exciting to imagine. So i start this topic where you can write your questions and ideas which you-yourself discuss with great sherlock holmes. You try this with other fictional character also. So please.... Just give it a try............ :-)
  4. Hi, I am looking for Sherlock fanfiction readers/writers to answer a few questions for an academic research project. If you could spare a few moments to answer these questions it would be much appreciated. What is your gender? Do you read/write Sherlock fanfiction? Why? What websites do you use the most for fanfiction? Do reviews effect how you write in any way? Do you ship Sherlock characters? Who? Do you role play Sherlock online? What do you enjoy about it? Do you read/write Sherlock slash? Do you think the BBC should pay more attention to fanfictions in relation to future plot lines?
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