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Found 1 result

  1. I have done some slightly dangerous and bold things for fun or justice. Fun: 1.) White water rafting. I felt like I could take Niagara Falls after that. Was so thrilling. 2.) 3 person bungee coasting. The entire time, I was like WHY, why am I doing this. I will never, NEVER do this again. It was absolutely terrifying! Justice: 1.) I screamed Drop it! Drop It NOOOOOW!!! @ a man that was stealing merchandise from a retailer I worked for. I was written up for not following proper procedure per could have cost me my life. The thief did drop the merchandise and run away??? I could see their point though. 2.) The other day people walked out of a restaurant without paying their bill. The bartender & I chased after them. Let's just say they paid their bill. ( girl power! ) 3.) I've chastized healthy people for not giving up their seat on the bus for both a pregnant woman, then an elderly woman. They were given seats upon my angry appeal ( something about lack of courtesy and respect just gets under my skin. I become irate!). 4.) I confronted a man who was screaming at his girlfriend?, I asked him really close up to his face, do I need to call the police? Upon reviewing this, I am so privileged to be alive! So are there any fellow Justice patrollers and adventurous people like me. Share with us your adventures and bold reactions.
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