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Found 5 results

  1. My first post here, so hey everyone. I'm a big fan of Sherlock (which you could probably deduce by my presence here). I just wanted to post a couple of interesting logic puzzles I found. I was looking for some challenging logic puzzles to test my deductive reasoning abilities. They are new to me, but maybe not to some of you. Here's one. Here's the other (slightly harder). If anyone knows any there logic puzzles, let me know! I love these things.
  2. I confess I'm not sure what this is going to be, but it might be fun... Since I'm not actually available at any of those times, I will leave it to you all to represent the Sherlock fandom, and expect you to return clothed in glory.....
  3. Here's how it goes: 1. Let's Play Murder is basically what it says on the tin. You describe a person and a setting and then people submit their ideas on how to murder them. Include things like what the person likes or medical conditions. Can be as detailed as you want. Don't have to describe a certain someone you hate (although you should. Just think of this as free anger management if you do.). 2. The person who submits a description of a victim and setting cannot participate in submitting ideas on how to kill them. 3. Feel free to dispute each other's ideas. 4. Oh, and bonus points if you tell us how you're going to get rid of the body. Alternatively, you could describe a victim, setting, and murderer, and see if people can figure out how the murderer did it. I'll start: Victim: Male, 14 years old, 5'3. Suffers from mild asthma. He has his school ID on a lanyard round his neck and is wearing a hoodie. Setting: Typical school bathroom. You and the victim are alone in the bathroom.
  4. Found this quiz on RadioTimes.com. "Can you name the Sherlock episode, just from Benedict Cumberbatch's expression?" This is going to be fun
  5. Since this part of the forum is so empty, I decided to do something in it. So I'll suggest a drinking game, I'll put up some suggestions and you guys can either add more stuff or try this out! For those who can't hold their alcohol... - Drink everytime Moriarty has a sudden mood swing. - Drink everytime you see John on a date. If you want to get tipsy... - Drink everytime Sherlock and John look as if they're eye-F***ing each other. - Drink everytime John flirts with a woman. To get really drunk... -Drink everytime someone thinks John and Sherlock are a couple. -Drink everytime Sherlock demonstrates emotions a fully-functioning sociopath shouldn't have (Ex: worry, care for others etc). To get yourself in a comma... -Drink everytime there's a reference or nod to the original Sherlock Holmes novels (for some help, check out "Mythology gag" on the Sherlock tvtropes page). -Drink everytime there's a line of scene that could be seen/understood as/mistaken for subtext. For the suicidal ones... - Drink everytime Cumberbatch looks hot (that should kill anyone within 10 minutes)
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