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  1. Yes, you read that correctly. In 1994, a Chinese film production company called Beijing Film Studio produced a martial art film with the world's greatest detective as its star. The film titled Sherlock Holmes and the Chinese Heroine or Sherlock Holmes In China, Holmes played by a less known actor named Alex Vanderpor (his IMDB profile only lists this film on filmography) and his partner Dr. Watson, portrayed by Chinese actor Zhongquan Xu (who only has 4 movies to his credit on IMDB) arrive in China to help in the war against opium traders. Apparently, the character is so popular in China, several non-Canon stories were published there along with this film. The film is available to watch on Youtube, unfortunately it's in Chinese without subtitles.
  2. Hello everyone! I want to tell you about new android app "The world of Sherlock: tests and games". You can see and download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skysurfer.sherlocksworld Uncover all secrets with Sherlock and his friends using deduction! List of games: 1. Find Sherlock The task of deduction. Try with the first time to guess where Sherlock gone. Analyze the facts and make conclusions. If you can't guess from the first attempt, then you will be given hints. I wonder how many attempts you will need to find the answer? List of tests: 1. Who are you from the world of Sherlock? 2. How well do you know the series? (BBC's Sherlock quiz) 3. Your boyfriend in the world of Sherlock In the 1st test, you will know which of the Sherlock BBC series characters you most like. In the 2nd test you find 20 difficult questions about the content of the series. Only true fans, attentive and observantcan people can pass this difficult Sherlock quiz. The third test about love. This test is for girls who want to know which of the Sherlock heroes might be their boyfriend. Lists of tests and games will be replenished.
  3. Hey Guys, My brother is a huge Sherlock Holmes Fan and for Christmas my parents got him a Samsung VR Device. Now i thought I could try and recreate the original 221b or the rooms in the apartment for him to see in VR. Now my problem is time. I thought about reading the original books in english (my first language is German) and recreate it from the informations described in the books. But I don't have enough time to do that until Christmas. Now I wanted to ask you guys to just post everything you know about the apartment which is described in the books, not in the Games or movies/series. Would be a great help! Thank's a lot in advance! Greetings, Thomas / Fanki
  4. I am currently starting a illustration project for university and one of my major characters is Sherlock Holmes. I was currently wondering in all versions of Sherlock, what would he use to look under a locked door of a well lit room, that he could not open. He can not remove the door, unlock or open the door, or look through any other windows, cracks or holes. Simply what kind of equipment would he use to look under the door and into a room? This can be from the original literature or any of the alternative versions. Thank you
  5. Hi my name is Ben and i'm creating this topic based on the idea that; Sherlock, Mycroft and Moriarty are either brothers or are just working together aid in the defection of Mariorty from the life of crime to "the side of the angels" Or ofcourse any and all ideas against this idea. So yeah any ideas?? Ben.maxwell221B
  6. Hello, I am an English Student who lives in Spain and is working with the topic of Sherlock Holmes. Please can you answer a very short test related to my topic, thank you. I need to do a comparison between the knowledge of Spanish people about Sherlock and your knowledge. Thanks to you all. http://goo.gl/forms/Pnlv4xF9pL Moderator Comment: Danivi73 requests that you take this test only if you are a native speaker of English. This will make it possible to compare the answers of native English-speakers against those of native Spaniards. Thank you. I should probably also point out that the quiz questions pertain to Sherlock Holmes in general, rather than to the BBC program Sherlock.
  7. I have managed to get the full collection of Holmes BBC audio dramas that had been adapted by Bert Coules, it includes all the original stories as well as some he has written from references in original stories as a pastiche. It has Clive Merrison and Holmes and Michael Williams and later Andrew Sach as Watson. I find it very well acted and Coules adaptions are very good. so you can get a taste of what they are like, I do recommend them to anyone with a love of Holmes.
  8. We would like to announce the creation of International Sherlock Holmes Day! A holiday by Sherlock fans, for Sherlock fans. International Sherlock Holmes Day (ISHD) falls on the 22nd of May, as this happens to be the birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Celebrate by reading Sherlock Holmes books, watching Sherlock on TV, watching a Sherlock Holmes movie, dressing up in a costume, solving a mystery, etc.
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