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Found 3 results

  1. I'm pretty sure there hasn't already been a thread on this, but if there has, sorry. So, as I'm sure many of you know, the American show House is a spin-off Sherlock Holmes take. It stars Hugh Laurie as a cranky, brilliant doctor, who uses deductive methods similar to those of Sherlock Holmes. I've taken the opportunities that I've had to watch it, but I don't consider myself an expert on the show. I was wondering if any of you had, and I'd love to know your opinions on Dr. House versus Sherlock Holmes.
  2. I thought of another meta discussion topic to help us get through the hiatus to the Christmas Special and hopefully soon after to Season 4. I will assume that, for most of us, we consider the BBC version of Sherlock to be the best on many levels. That is, we probably mostly consider Benedict Cumberbatch to be the best Sherlock Holmes. (Or maybe you don't! Maybe it's Jeremy Brett for you.) This is the place to discuss your favorites of characters, scenes, etc., assuming that you can't name a BBC version as your answer. I suggest that everyone feel free to use their own criteria for judging; so, one person may pick his or her favorite non-BBC Watson based on ACD canon compliance, and the other may pick his or her Watson based on nose shape! It's all fine! ***** I'll start. My nominees for the "Best Non-BBC..." Watson: I'll pick James Wilson from House. There was something delightful about making Holmes and Watson both be physicians and both be department heads that really showed that Wilson was an expert in his own right, in his own field (oncology). And, although there were times at the beginning of the series that I really wanted Wilson to do a better job standing up to House, by the end I was completely sold on the idea that Wilson was 1) a completely irresistible babe magnet (hello, Robert Sean Leonard!), and 2) completely and platonically soul-bonded to House. Irene Adler: Irene Adler from Elementary. Although she benefits from the "twist" regarding her background (which I'll spoiler tag below), Natalie Dormer plays Irene with a smoldering sexuality and absolutely modern confidence in her own abilities that makes me truly believe that she is what Irene would be in the current era. She continually conveys a sense of being in control of her relationship with Sherlock, and, thanks also to Jonny Lee Miller's acting, it is heart-rendingly believable that this women nearly destroyed Sherlock emotionally. Lestrade: Kind of going with a risky choice here, but I'm picking Lisa Cuddy from House. As the Dean of Medicine, she's in charge of keeping House in line, which she does by imposing a series of "time outs" in the form of extra clinic duty. She also deftly uses House's skills for the betterment of the hospital, making sure that House gets the really juicy cases that he wants while handing him those that no other department could solve on their own. "Shoot the Wall" Scene: Robert Downey Jr. wins this one for me in Sherlock Holmes. Sitting on the floor, surrounded by papers and experiments, with a haze of smoke hanging in the air from gunfire and probably not a small bit of smoking tobacco and God-knows-what-else, this Sherlock, has transcended frustrated and moved right along into abject despair. Next stop is clearly lighting the curtains on fire to see what happens when they burn. "Holmes and Watson First Meeting" Scene: The Russian Sherlock Holmes (2013) for the most off-handed meeting ever. If the BBC Sherlock treats the meeting with a combination of humor and gravity at this historic moment, the Russian version clearly could care less about how the men meet, which I find profoundly amusing. Sherlock hands a piece of paper with "221B Baker Street" written on it to Watson, who he has just met, and suggests if Watson is looking for cheap lodgings he can rent a room there for half price. When Watson finally moves in, it's clear that about half the town is also living there, so what's one more?
  3. Baker St. Babes tweeted this today, in case you haven't seen it (I hadn't!). It's really brilliant.
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