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  1. Hi there everyone - welcome to my first post! Looking forward to meeting you all and getting involved in some hearty Sherlock discussions. Going to be re-watching my old DVDs over the next week or two and am looking forward to Season 4 in the near future. Can't wait! Fran
  2. Hello everyone! Just introducing myself . I'm a chemistry student who's currently lucky enough to be living in London! Being in this city has really re-started my love of Sherlock, so I decided to get more involved in the fan community! Not really that much more to say, just that I'm hoping to make some good friends here and have some interesting discussions about this fantastic show. A little more about me: I'm a huge fan of coffee, I love folk music, I'm pretty shy and introverted but I like to think that I'm friendly. I love long conversations with friends in coffee shops and wandering around, discovering new areas and interesting places in London. So, just say hi I suppose!
  3. Hello everyone and Guten Tag from Germany, first things first..even though I think my english is not that bad...I'm afriad due to the lack of practise my posts won't be flawless. I would be grateful if you could ignore this little inconvenience Many years back i fell in love with crime shows and murder mythers. And after reding the old Sherlock Holmes Books from my mom and listening to the german audio plays I fell even more in love with Holmes and his dear friend Dr. Watson. I might be a little bit to old (24) to be a hardcore fangirl, but after watching Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the BBC adaptation of my beloved characters, I just could not help myself anymore. :D What to say about me? Well, I already mentioned that I'm from Germany and that I'm a terrible fangirl, And not just of Sherlock, but also of many other Fandoms. I also have quite a little YouTube addiction. I read a lot (books...and well--- FanFictions) I used to write FanFictions myself, but now as a "grown up" I don't have enough time. I just discovered this forum thanks to a little research on google. It looked realy nice and friendly. Well, I don't know what else to say. When you have more questions, don't hasitate. Greetings NotMyDate Oh..one thing I should admit I do ship Johnlock...just a little bit...I'm not obssed and I will not cry when nothing happens, but I kind of like the idea
  4. Hello! I'm Bedelia (32) from Spain and I'm so glad to have found this forum. I've been watching Sherlock since the first series came out and although at first I needed to almost reach a nirvana state to understand the dialogues (so fast!) now I can watch it easily and enjoy it to the fullest. I would like to say hello to all members and I hope I'll get to know some of you and discuss what I think it's the best show that has ever graced my telly. Thank you for reading. Cheers!
  5. My visa says "Frankfurt." My passport says "USA." I love exploring new places. This seems new.
  6. Hello, dear Sherlock Fan Forum! My name is Mary and I am a 16 years old student from Germany. That means I'm no native-speaker and my english can be quite funny sometimes. I'm aware of the age 18 rated area here and though I'm not keen on finding out, I actually wonder what you're discussing there. I might be friendly in forums, but in real life I wouldn't call myself a nice person. At least not in association with my school comrades. Wait... have you ever had the subliminal feeling that you're constanty dealing with people whose IQ is on room temperature? Enough said. I promise not to make you any trouble, though. I can be a quite pleasant person after all. I'm addicted to Sherlock since... uff, I would say Christmas last year. I remember that my mother had spotted the series on german TV once so I actually owe her my addiction. She's also supporting me in my wish to have a life-sized bison skull at my wall (the one I'm not shooting of course) and to have a tattoo on my left shoulder as soon as I'm 18. I've considered to register as 'Clara' since it's my middle name (Well, in german spelling it's Klara). However, I choosed Mary because I'm also known as 'Mary Me' in another Sherlock forum, where I'm quite active. My signature reveals some of my favorite quotes. I wanted to put an image there but it was too big. Oh weeeelll.... Anyway, I'm hoping for a nice time here and looking forward to (virtually) meeting you all! Greetings from Germany, Mary
  7. Introductions have never really been my division, but even so.... hello.
  8. Hello, I'm GnrlGothic and I am (obviously) new to this forum! I've been a Sherlockian for quite a while now... I googled "Sherlock Forum" and here we are! I have a quite serious case of the Cumberbatch virus, I'm not suffering though... I am enjoying it! I hope to be able to contribute to this site^^
  9. Hii! I'm Hannah. I absolutley love the sherlock holmes series, and it saved my life. I do a fabulous cosplay of FEM!Moriarty, too. Hello! I'm Jamie Moriarty, A novice cosplayer and sherlock fanatic.
  10. Well, hello. I'm not really quite sure what to put here. I love Sherlock (which I'm sure you've deduced from my joining this forum) and I started watching it a few months ago. Although I'm relatively new to the fandom I love it dearly, and I wholeheartedly consider myself a part of it. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I've never been on a forum before, so I'm rather clueless as to what I'm supposed to write. Hm... What else can I say? My name is Lilli, I love quoting things (especially Sherlock, because damn that show has brilliant quotes!), and I have decided it is simply impossible to decide who is my favorite character because, lets face it, they're pretty much all fantastic. And... I guess that's it. ~L
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