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  1. I've thought about this for awhile and decided we needed a story that is told in sections as can happen at camp or sleepovers where 1 person starts then another continues where the 1st left off. I'll start the story then the next person will continue where I left off and so on and so forth. There are no specific character roles that a person will play (hence not being in the RPG area). We cover all of them as we write the story together. You can contribute a little or a lot. (And with the occasional 2+ people posting at the same time, the story could be very interesting rather quickly. Also there is no need to apologize if that happens. The story will just be more interesting even if it does seem confusing at times. We will make it work and have fun doing so. Because having fun is mandatory :D) Starter summary: Story: This comes from the If John and Sherlock parented Baby Watson at 221B thread. The story will start right after Mary leaves and before John moves back into 221B. Sherlock and John will have cases both from NSY as well as private clients & John will have his medical practice. Cast of Characters= Everyone that has been in an Episode of Sherlock and is alive is fair game (Sorry to anyone who liked CAM, he's dead and gone & so is Jeff the Cabby. However, Moriarty is an option because he's in limbo [all debate on how he survived/not survived can be found in the Series 4 threads elsewhere on here] & I kind of want him back in some way, shape, or form on the actual show.) as well as Baby Watson (who will be named Sheralyn in this story as I like that middle name from sfmpco's fanfic The Blackbird series) and obviously they will have clients like old times. So yes Mary can somehow be an option even though she left for some yet to be known reason. So on to the start of the story in the next post.
  2. Hello! I'm wondering what people are predicting for the baby? I just can't imagine the series with a baby in it, seems too out of character for the show, and I really don't want it to turn into one of those shows where the baby keeps getting threatened or kidnapped. Also, as far as I'm aware (correct me if I'm wrong ;) ) John doesn't have kids in canon, do you think they'll make such a big change? Do you think the baby will die? The baby isn't John's? Or will Mary have the baby and it'll just be an aside that we know John has a child but we never really see them? I'm really interested in everyone's opinions!
  3. 1. Sherlock He's fearless/inconsiderate 2. John He keeps a clear head/he still has trust issues 3. Mrs. Hudson She's motherly/she's a ditz 4. Molly She's insightful/low self esteem 5. Lestrade He's optimistic/ too daft for a detective 6. Mary Has a very approachable personality/ she's selfish
  4. Okay, I'm starting this thread to continue on with some fun musings regarding what would happen IF Sherlock and John had to rear Baby Watson by themselves. Madness would ensue! Mrs. Hudson would take on a grandmotherly role and end up babysitting A LOT. Sherlock being completely inept and changing diapers while wearing full safety gear - even picking up the soil diapers with kitchen tongs to transfer them to the garbage Sherlock visiting Lestrade over a murder and Sherlock having a bit of baby vomit on his shoulder that he forgot to clean off. John pacing all night with a crying baby and Sherlock yelling "shut up!" and the baby shutting up. Sherlock trying to calm the crying baby in all sorts of unusual ways that no normal parent would ever consider. John coming back from an errand to find Sherlock asleep on the sofa with the baby on his chest Sherlock sitting at his computer looking at the same types of crime scene pictures he showed Archie but with Baby Watson in his lap Sherlock reading bedtime stories to baby Watson that are murder mysteries Baby Watson's first word is "murder" Okay.... keep going
  5. Hi everyone! I hope this is in the right place (and that I haven't accidentally posted it three times as the Internet here is terrible and keeps dropping out). I've been lurking this forum for a while but I realised something. While I have a hunch that Mary's not (or is no longer) evil, I noticed that you can make the word RAT from both MARY MORSTAN and MARY WATSON. People say that the writers said the word "rat" is significant and nobody can figure out why. I thought that might just be a coincidence, but then I mixed the other letters around just a bit and realised that MARY WATSON is a complete anagram of MAY: RAT'S WON Mary marries John (and thus becomes Mary Watson) on the 18th of May. Thoughts?
  6. So, I keep seeing this series of images on tumblr of Sherlock super excited and John looking nonplussed with his computer link here I have tried and tried to find when it happened but am utterly failing like whoa Help?
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