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  1. I'm starting this thread for general articles about episodes that are summaries. Like this one: http://www.cultbox.co.uk/features/lists/top-5-sherlock-villains
  2. Well I think this movie deserves a thread of its own, seeing as both of our wonderful Sherlock stars are to feature in it! Here is a Hobbit for your delectation: So, just how much are you looking forward to this?
  3. Is this true? Not sure yet, but maybe... https://twitter.com/TheCritiqueGeek/status/595655075529420800
  4. Radio Times is doing their TV champion. The Drama category started today. From Sherlock (not necessarily representing it) are Benedict, Mark, Amanda, Martin, and Louise (all winning so far). Voting for this round is open for about 48 hours total. If you want to vote go here. They have several TV categories for voting with the winners in each category going against each other for the ultimate champion. In Drama David Tennant and Aidan Turner have the most votes by far 20k+ and 19k+ respectively for this first round. Whoever wins in Drama will go up against the winners of Factual, Soap Opera, Comedy, Reality, etc. The pictures are about the size of an actual finger nail so to help you find our cast by pairings (counting down the left side then the right): Benedict #7, Mark #8, Amanda #9, Martin #11, and Louise #27
  5. I found this on BBC America's site earlier today. Round 1 voting happens until Friday at 11am EST. I found some of the match ups hard to decide who to pick because of the talent pool. We are lucky so far in that none of our beloved Sherlock cast are against each other yet. To vote go to http://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/fan-favorites/men-2014/round-1/
  6. Being Martin's birthday I thought, I wonder has Martin ever sung a song? He has and it's lovely (of course). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD8ZAr3BAfE
  7. Martin Freeman is in another film starring Simon Pegg (with apparently a bigger role than in the first two). The World's End is due in theaters later this year (August in the UK and October in the US -- edited in June: now they're saying July 19 in the UK and August 23 in the US), and Sherlockology has the first trailer. (If you can figure out how to post the video itself here, please do, but meanwhile that link will take you to it.) And from Empire: (Click on Empire link above for more.)
  8. Hi, I'm Lauren I am new to the forum and want to say a hearty hello!!! To my fellow sherlockians. It seems like an amazing place to come and discuss sherlock and would love it if you could follow my tumblr account : benedictislife.tumblr.com and my twitter account: @lauren_goldson for more exciting tweets and pictures about sherlock!! Love to hear from you Lauren Goldson
  9. I watched this movie a while ago but it has only recently occurred to me to post it here. The movie is called 'Wild Target' starring Bill Nighy as Victor Maynard, A middle aged hit man with family problems and plastic on his sofa, who is hired to kill a woman after she cons a mobster out of £900,000. When he fails at this (after falling in love with the woman) the mobster hires another hit man to take care of both the woman and Victor. Martin Freeman plays Dixon, the sadistic assassin who is second-fiddle to Victor Maynard. While in awe of Victor, Dixon jumps at the opportunity given to him by the mobster to dispose of the greatest hit-man ever known. The movie in general is pretty funny and also stars Rupert Grint (Ron from Harry Potter) as Victor’s bumbling apprentice he later acquires. I love Martin Freeman in this movie however. He is so good at playing bad. See another side of Dr. John Watson! A must watch for fans of Martin Freeman.
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