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Found 5 results

  1. Tove

    Mary Morstan

    So if John and Mary Morstan get married and she dies between "The Adventure of the Final Problem" and "The Adventure of the Empty House" when sherlock comes back does that mean we don't have to have her around for long in the show?
  2. Hello! I'm wondering what people are predicting for the baby? I just can't imagine the series with a baby in it, seems too out of character for the show, and I really don't want it to turn into one of those shows where the baby keeps getting threatened or kidnapped. Also, as far as I'm aware (correct me if I'm wrong ;) ) John doesn't have kids in canon, do you think they'll make such a big change? Do you think the baby will die? The baby isn't John's? Or will Mary have the baby and it'll just be an aside that we know John has a child but we never really see them? I'm really interested in everyone's opinions!
  3. 1. Sherlock He's fearless/inconsiderate 2. John He keeps a clear head/he still has trust issues 3. Mrs. Hudson She's motherly/she's a ditz 4. Molly She's insightful/low self esteem 5. Lestrade He's optimistic/ too daft for a detective 6. Mary Has a very approachable personality/ she's selfish
  4. The current discussion in the Subtext thread got me wondering just how many people are dissatisfied with some of the events in S3 - a vocal minority, or are we fans more divided on some issues than Moffat acknowledges? Therefore I put up this poll, to get a feeling of how our community here stands on these issues. I tried to pick the three most controversial points in each episode (and I freely admit I was reaching in Sign, which seems comparatively conflicting-interpretations-free) from a general feeling of what has been discussed round here. If I picked wrong, please tell me so in this thread! A special plea to the many registered forum users here who haven't yet joined us in posting: I made this poll anonymous, so not even us moderators can see who voted what. So please consider sharing your opinion by voting, even if you generally refrain from doing so. The more people vote, the more representative the result will be. Thank you .
  5. Hi everyone! I hope this is in the right place (and that I haven't accidentally posted it three times as the Internet here is terrible and keeps dropping out). I've been lurking this forum for a while but I realised something. While I have a hunch that Mary's not (or is no longer) evil, I noticed that you can make the word RAT from both MARY MORSTAN and MARY WATSON. People say that the writers said the word "rat" is significant and nobody can figure out why. I thought that might just be a coincidence, but then I mixed the other letters around just a bit and realised that MARY WATSON is a complete anagram of MAY: RAT'S WON Mary marries John (and thus becomes Mary Watson) on the 18th of May. Thoughts?
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