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  1. Again, not one of mine, this is another meta by wellingtongoose on livejournal. In this meta wellingtongoose has discussed Sherlock's possible autism/asperger's with 3 psychiatrists. The overwhelming conclusion is that Sherlock (as shown on screen in BBC Sherlock) is NOT someone with an ASD, which I know might not sit well with some people. However, the evidence is well thought out and presented and some good points are made. Wellingtongoose is not the first person to refute Sherlock's supposed Asperger's diagnosis. Seeing as this is a tv series, and fantasy, we can choose to believe what we want. I personally think that Sherlock does display some traits of Asperger's, but that doesn't mean he has enough to give him a diagnosis. There are any number of people who, due to other factors (such as intelligence, upbringing and general personality), are just downright eccentric. Diagnosing Sherlock: Why he doesn't have Asperger's Read at your own risk.
  2. Wellingtongoose on livejournal has done some pieces of meta about Mary Morstan and what might or might not have been her reasoning behind her actions in His Last Vow. For those of you who have seen the ep and have found themselves really not fond of Mary because of what was revealed in that ep, this meta might offer you a different viewpoint that makes it easier to reconcile yourself with those revelations. If you haven't seen the ep and don't want to be spoilered, please avoid this meta as there are HUGE HONKING SPOILERS for His Last Vow contained therein. There's also some meta about Sherlock and what could have been going on physiologically in the episode. What Mary did - and why - part 1 How Sherlock did what he did What Mary did - and why - part 2
  3. Yup, wellingtongoose has been at it again. This is what is said about this latest meta: This meta is dedicated to discussing the intrigues and deceptions that are only hinted at on screen and play out behind the scenes. I aim to show everyone why Irene is not a loser but an incredibly intelligent and ambitious woman. Read it on LJ
  4. Remember the brief glance we had of John's CV in The Blind Banker? In this meta wellingtongoose on LJ proceeds to take that cv apart, discussing what works and what doesn't work in context of Sherlock and the NHS. Agree or disagree, it's interesting reading and much of the disagree stuff (on my part) is down to what canon provided (the CV itself, and John's age) not the meta. There will be another part to this apparently, so here is the link to the first: Explaining John Watson's CV. If you don't remember the CV, someone has done their best to clear it up and piece it together from screencaps; you can find that version on AO3 - John's CV from The Blind Banker.
  5. As per usual, this is not one of mine but as LJ is kind of the poor relation in fandom circles now, I always like to share. In previous meta, Wellingtongoose on Livejournal has discussed why John would have to be an army GP rather than an army surgeon amongst other things, which you can read as part of her Semantics in Healthcare series. In the latest meta, John's medical discharge is discussed, with a bias towards the personal head canon mentioned in previous metas (GP, not surgeon etc), with reference to the income an army pension would provide and just why, in this day and age, a person with John's apparent level of disability would be deemed unfit to fill his role (which as an army GP, for instance, wouldn't have been on the front line of combat). Explaining John Watson's Medical Discharge
  6. I'm posting this in the S3 section as the post to which I'll link further down the page has big honking spoilers for both episodes 1&2 of S3. Basically, this is a meta discussing John Watson's sexuality, his perception of it with regards to himself and society and how that differs from his perception and acceptance of others. It is well worth a read and quite thought provoking and addresses John's constant protestations of "I'm not gay!" in a way you might not have considered. It also touches on Mary and John's relationship both to each other, and with Sherlock. So, go read... The Case of John Watson's Sexuality on livejournal.
  7. My favourite source of interesting British meta from a Sherlock pov is at it again! This time wellingtongoose looks at why Lestrade is taking his professional life in his hands and why Sherlock *isn't* the world's only consulting detective. All very interesting stuff! Nuclear Meltdown at the Met, Part 1
  8. One of my friends on Livejournal is a psychologist and is writing meta on the characters from an emotional point of view. This time, it is the turn of John. She discusses whether or not he has PTSD, with evidence taken from onscreen to back up her opinions and explains why she feels that John was suffering from depression at the beginning of the series in ASiP. They are well thought out pieces of meta and well worth a read. John Watson and PTSD John Watson, Depression and Somatisation
  9. Over on LJ there have been a few useful meta posts recently about a certain Dr John Watson and the exact nature of both his army and medical career. They're written by someone who is both British and a medical student and they make fascinating reading! I'm posting it here rather than in the Mind Palace because I think it would be interesting for everyone, not just for fic writers and other creators. Part One: The Semantics of Healthcare - John wasn't fighting in Afghanistan he was busy being a GP! Wherein it is discussed that as John was able to do locum work as a GP, he must have been trained and qualified as a GP before he was invalided out of the army, and exactly how this worked within an army career. This gives us an insight into an essentially non-combative but still BAMF John who focused on the medical side of his career and whose rank of Captain was not true army status, but a reflection of his medical status. Part Two: Semantics of Healthcare Part 2 - How we can keep BAMF!John and be Realistic. This post discusses how John could have joined the army after training as a civilian doctor first, rather than having been committed to the army medical training program. To become and officer - and therefore a Captain - he would have had to go through officer training at Sandhurst. This means he essentially ended up as a career soldier who also happened to be a doctor. John is old enough to have taken this route but it is explained so much better on LJ. Part Three: Semantics of Healthcare Part 3 - Guide to Making John a Real Army Surgeon Addresses just how John could be a trauma surgeon, be Dr Watson rather than Mr Watson (as is the tradition for British surgeons) and also a Captain. A lot of thought has gone into these posts and they raise some excellent points as well as being a fantastic resource for fic writers, especially those without medical experience and non-Brits. Our NHS is frequently confusing, for those who work in it and all, just as much as anyone else. Well done to the writer!
  10. The person who wrote meta about BAMF!John and the way his medical qualifications would fit in with his military service has been at it again (and if you haven't read them yet, I advise you to as they are very well thought out, see this post for links). This time she's put both Sherlock and Mycroft on the psychoanalysts 'couch' and discusses why Sherlock doesn't have autism, despite John's aspergers comment in Hounds, and whether it is actually Mycroft who is the sociopath of the family. Sherlock: why he doesn't have autism and never did Mycroft: on the examination couch - sociopath or not? Both make fascinating reading and you can't argue that she hasn't done her research. Very useful resource for fanfic writers as well as being an interesting read in their own right.
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