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  1. I find that there're some emotes that aren't here that should be. Such as the ever-versatile :/ So I started this thread here so if anyone'd like to suggest any new emotes to be implemented, they can post it here. Just put the suggested colon code and short description of the emote you'd like. A picture would help, too. Here's how it goes: Colon Code.....Description.......Picture : / ...............Slightly uninterested.... (I don't have a pic, sorry) Happy suggesting! ^_^
  2. Here's how it goes: 1. Let's Play Murder is basically what it says on the tin. You describe a person and a setting and then people submit their ideas on how to murder them. Include things like what the person likes or medical conditions. Can be as detailed as you want. Don't have to describe a certain someone you hate (although you should. Just think of this as free anger management if you do.). 2. The person who submits a description of a victim and setting cannot participate in submitting ideas on how to kill them. 3. Feel free to dispute each other's ideas. 4. Oh, and bonus points if you tell us how you're going to get rid of the body. Alternatively, you could describe a victim, setting, and murderer, and see if people can figure out how the murderer did it. I'll start: Victim: Male, 14 years old, 5'3. Suffers from mild asthma. He has his school ID on a lanyard round his neck and is wearing a hoodie. Setting: Typical school bathroom. You and the victim are alone in the bathroom.
  3. So school's coming round in a month for me (dunno about everyone else here though) and I just decided that there should be a thread for all of the stories of the crazy crap that happens at school. Let's start with a laugh: During the 2012 presidential elections, there was one day where these kids from my school were marching around a tree chanting "VOTE BROCCOLI OBAMA! BOO ROMMNEY RAISIN!" Then there's a yell from outside the crowd: "VOTE ROMMNEY RAISIN!" The chanters stopped, stared at the kid who yelled, and then started throwing woodchips at him.
  4. I've gone into the chatroom now and then but nobody ever goes in it as far as I know. Any reason why? Moderator Comment: Added later: Sherlock Forum's chat function has been disabled due to lack of interest.
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