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Found 3 results

  1. Who do you prefer, Irene or Molly? If Sherlock had to end up with someone, who would it be?
  2. 1. Sherlock He's fearless/inconsiderate 2. John He keeps a clear head/he still has trust issues 3. Mrs. Hudson She's motherly/she's a ditz 4. Molly She's insightful/low self esteem 5. Lestrade He's optimistic/ too daft for a detective 6. Mary Has a very approachable personality/ she's selfish
  3. Something I recently noticed while watching The Reichenbach Fall for the 22nd and a half time; While Moriaty says he is going to kill ALL Sherlock's friends/family he mentions 3 bullets, then later only three assassins are seen (on screen) awaiting orders to kill, Mycroft Lestrade Mrs Hudson and John But what about poor, servile Molly?? Does Moriarty NOT consider Molly to be Sherlock's friend? As Moriaty appears to not take personal (emotionally driven) relationships seriously and he wanted to screw with Sherlock as much as possible, why not try to kill Molly too? As most fans currently believe that Molly had something to do with Sherlock faking his own death (myself included) than does this have something to do with how Sherlock did it? *EDITED* I actually meant Lestrade! I wasn't thinking at the time and wrote the wrong thing.
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