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  1. Something I recently noticed while watching The Reichenbach Fall for the 22nd and a half time; While Moriaty says he is going to kill ALL Sherlock's friends/family he mentions 3 bullets, then later only three assassins are seen (on screen) awaiting orders to kill, Mycroft Lestrade Mrs Hudson and John But what about poor, servile Molly?? Does Moriarty NOT consider Molly to be Sherlock's friend? As Moriaty appears to not take personal (emotionally driven) relationships seriously and he wanted to screw with Sherlock as much as possible, why not try to kill Molly too? As most fans currently believe that Molly had something to do with Sherlock faking his own death (myself included) than does this have something to do with how Sherlock did it? *EDITED* I actually meant Lestrade! I wasn't thinking at the time and wrote the wrong thing.
  2. So, we originally thought that Sherlock had to fake his own death because otherwise Moriarty's snipers would kill John and all of Sherlock's friends, correct? If you could give a short explanation how the whole "i'll kill your friends" sceneario, that would be awesome.
  3. He survived because he never fell. Nowhere to go but down. Sooner or later, we have to have the courage of our convictions. I am posting this here and not that other big forum, because the people who post here seem to me very smart, very well-informed, thoughtful and usually are not grinding some ax. I don't want to Tweet it until it's been vetted. Anyway - here's the link to the very long blog post: The Reichenbach Evidence: Surviving the Fall. What I have believed from the first time I saw the episode was that A.) Whoever or whatever John is looking up at, is not Sherlock Holmes. B.) Sherlock is on another roof close by talking to John on his mobile. Here's the essential point from the post: How Sherlock Survives the Fall "Through the magic of television. Or at least, of clever editing of the digital "film." Whatever is on the roof being made to look like Sherlock, could be a dead body, though getting it upright and stable would take some hidden structure (or extremely convenient rigor mortis). Possibly Molly (in the Canon story Mrs. Lestrade manipulates the wax figure to make it look as if it moves) when she pushes it off, has a fairly simple cord set-up to make it's arms rise to convince everyone watching it is a living person. How Sherlock survived the fall is: he didn't fall. Exactly. He had to get to ground as quickly as possible, in almost the same time as the substitute. There was a tree. It's unclear how tall it is, or if there was another way for the very agile Sherlock (jumper of roofs in pursuit of cabs and of balconies to gain access to locked apartments) to have made his way down the building. Theoretically he could have simply climbed down. Or used the tree that could also have blocked John's sight-line when they were talking. The truck would also have blocked the sight-line between John on the ground and the tree, until he was behind the building." (The picture is of the people looking to the right as Watson is running up, in the B.G. is the tree.) The elements of the theory are at the link. The point, I think, is that there is no bouncy house of any kind involved. It's simple: they tossed something (I vote for body) off the roof and scoop it into that laundry truck, Sherlock gets on the ground and the kid doctor gives him an injection that stops his heart. They fool us with editing. If you look at the cuts, every one of them, (I have an embarrassingly large number of stills) they are using the experience of viewers used to cuts in scenes meaning something, leading from one logical place to the next, but they are actually cutting to a different location. They expect us to see, but not observe. When Sherlock tells Molly he thinks he is going to die, he's not kidding because he is. He's worried he's not going to make it back. I think, in the end, he wouldn't put himself fully into the hands of Mycroft's people. He wanted a doctor around who would do anything to save him, that would be Molly, whom he has always trusted. BTW, I have this personal belief, that in this situation, we will see nothing of real import we have not seen before in some form. I know the injection seems a bit fanciful, but we saw Adler do that very thing right through his suit sleeve.
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