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Found 2 results

  1. So I found out about these lovely forums by the way of Tumblr, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Also I'm always up for following more awesome blogs. Who would like to share? I myself have a couple of blogs: a G-rated one (or one that aims to be, I need to do more cleaning in the archives), and a not-so-G-rated one (mostly due to swearing, but also some suggestive pictures, never full-frontal nudity). Both blogs consist of funny things and nerdy things and funny nerdy things. Don't mind the fact that my second blog still has the defaults and things going on, I'll make it better I promise. So! Who else is on the Tumblrs?
  2. Hi, I'm Lauren I am new to the forum and want to say a hearty hello!!! To my fellow sherlockians. It seems like an amazing place to come and discuss sherlock and would love it if you could follow my tumblr account : benedictislife.tumblr.com and my twitter account: @lauren_goldson for more exciting tweets and pictures about sherlock!! Love to hear from you Lauren Goldson
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