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Two Suggestions

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I have two suggestions.


I am interested in what makes the characters tick. For instance, how they are played and what is revealed in their background and what they say that might reveal certain traits. Is there a place for discussing character traits, both in the new series and the original books?


A certain couple of quotes got me thinking. When Sherlock asks John "If you were dying, if you were being murdered, in your last few seconds what would you say?" and he replies "Please God, let me live." Sherlock retorts "Oh, use your imagnation." John replies "I don't have to." John has been through a hell of a lot which has coloured his view of the world and how he thinks. The second quote from Mycroft when he spirits John away to meet with him for the first time. He takes his hand and says "You're not haunted by the war, Dr Watson, you miss it." There is so much to read into with these things. If it's true there are so many implications on John's character that never get voiced. I'd really like the opportunity to discuss aspects such as these. You might call it "Counselling Session" or "Fire her, she's got it the wrong way round..." I wonder if it would be a subsection of the Mind palace?


Second suggestion that we have a place to advertise ourselves as beta readers, our skills as writers, our selling points as artists. Other sites I have been part of have had a specific place to advertise to others. I wondered if there was a place already and if not, should we have one? I would love to be able to advertise my own published books but hesitate to in case this is not acceptible on your site. You could call it Market Place, Portobello Road or some such.

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Yay! Suggestions! :D


As you can see, a thread has been created here for the beta readers to advertise!


Regarding character discussions, there is a Characters section here, under BBC Sherlock. For similar discussions on other versions, or of characters in general, feel free to start threads in the relevant sections, they can always be moved to their own sub-sections when they get busy! :D

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