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Advertising/recommending Other People's Work.

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Is there space in the fanfiction section for us to recommend other people's work? There are some great stories out there, but I feel we should be able to share the links? Could we have a links page for that? Either for art, or stories that are not on this site?

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I wouldn't mind having a place for recs either. I'm not doing too bad remembering to mem things on LJ or bookmark them on AO3 but it would be nice to share them with other people.


Maybe there should be a section within the adult forum forum for reccing the more mature rated fics too. A lot of plotty stuff still has an adult rating.

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I have created two pinned threads:


Fanfic Recommendations (General Consumption)


Adult Themed Recommendations


If in doubt about where recommendations should go post it in the adults section and drop one of us a PM and we'll take a look.

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We're always open to new ideas :D The forum is intended to be inclusive and interesting for everybody, so ideas are always welcome! :D

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