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Er, Hi

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I'm Sarah and I am such a massive fan of Sherlock that sometimes it hurts.


I've just been casually browsing the internet and stumbled across this forum, and it looks like a fun place to vent my Reichenbach feelings, and meet fans :)


About me:

I'm a second year English Literature student with far too much time on my hands, so I spend hours daily on the internet.

I am obsessed with Sherlock (obviously), Doctor Who and Harry Potter (PotterWhoLock FTW!).


I'm rubbish at these introductions!

Well, Hey!

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Hello there! It is fun here and not just to vent Reichenback feelings. It being morning now we might be lucky and find that Mrs H has a brew on... :welcome:

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:welcome: to Sherlock Forum, take a seat (Just move the handgun aside) and don't think too much about the formaldehyde in the plant pots. (Sherlock's been up to his tricks again.) :D
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Come on in dear, and take your coat off. There's a plate of scones on the coffee table, and a pot of tea, Mycroft brought one of his special blends over the other day, It's from South China apparently. I don't see what's wrong with good old PG Tips myself...

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