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The Past Not Repeated

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 The Past Not Repeated: Chapter 6.    Don't own Star Trek. Not making any money off of this.




       Ambassador Spock stood.


      "That is why I, more then Captain Kirk, or Commander Spock, am responsible for Khan Noonien Singh's actions."


      The moderator looked between the two Vulcans, his brows furrowed in exasperation. He addressed  the younger Spock.


      "Do you have anything else you would like to add to your testimony?"


      The two Spocks locked eyes. The elder Spock spoke first.


      "You acted on my recommendations and now I must accept, and live with, the consequences of not letting you walk your own path. When we spoke there was no time to relate to you how the actions of my captain so angered and motivated Khan Prime to the vengeance that would lead to his destruction and the deaths, not only of his people, but so many of ours as well. There was no time to relate how my captain beamed Khan Prime and his followers onto a planet whose environment was harsh. With native fauna both aggressive and dangerous. Yes, we sent them down with materials to build shelter and a few bags of grain. We expected people who had been bred to be warriors to become farmers."


      The younger Spock then spoke.


     "But Khan is a dangerous tyrant who killed everyone he considered to be inferior to himself."


     "That is true. But it is also true that of all his people, his rule was not without understanding and leniency. He never attacked unless provoked. He and his people are genetically engineered to be stronger, more resilient, more aggressive then the normal human being. With these enhanced powers comes not only a more savage personality, but great ambition as well. Their designers had to know this yet they did nothing to try to curb these traits in the developing embryos. It is illogical to condemn the resulting organism for performing up to or even exceeding expectations."


     The mediator rolled his eyes and sighed, wishing he was anywhere but here. Which was were most people wanted to be when Vulcans got into one of their intellectual discussions.


      "Please, gentlemen." 


       The moderator had to wonder if that was even the correct term for this situation, but it would have to do.


       "While this is only a hearing, and an informal one at that, could we please have some order?"


      Both Vulcans paused then cast a look at the moderator then Commander Spock bowed his head to his elder self.


      "I surrender the floor."


      The younger Spock took his seat as the elder moved to stand before Tollman.


      "Spock, Ambassador, New Vulcan."


      "Welcome, Ambassador Spock. Please be seated and state your case?"


      "As Commander Spock stated, he put a call through to me and asked my advice on how to defeat Khan. Based on this advice he armed the torpedoes calculating that there was a high probability that Khan would demand that the weapons containing his people be transferred to the Vengeance. What the Commander did not know, because there was no time to tell him, was that while it was logical to get Khan Prime and his people off our ship because of the trouble brewing between our two crews, the planet that was chosen was truly no suitable for farming. Some of the native fauna was aggressive and dangerous."


      "We left them with a few bags of grain. We made note of their co-ordinates with a request that in a hundred years time, they be checked up on to see how the grains were flourishing. We expected people bred to be warriors to become farmers."


      "We also did not run a geological survey of the star system to ascertain how stable the system was. In twenty years time the planet neighboring Ceti Alpha V would disintegrate causing world wide climate change on Khan Prime's planet, reducing it to a desert. A native life form preyed on them reducing their numbers to a mere handful. Khan Prime blamed my captain for their abandonment and deprivation. His rage, despair, and grief knew no bounds. Khan Prime threatened to do to my captain as had been done to him, his wife, and his people. To abandon him on a dead planet. In the resulting ship's battle, Khan Prime and the rest of his people were killed."


       "I failed to take into consideration that that was my past. It was not the realty of this present. I did not know of the culpability of Admiral Marcus and his bid to militarize Starfleet and to force war upon us. I did not know that it was Admiral Marcus who found the seventy-three sleepers and awoke Khan nor how the Admiral was using Khan to his own purposes. Using his intelligence and skill as a warrior to design and build weapons of war. Nor did I know how Admiral Marcus was using threats of their welfare to force Khan to comply with his own demands. Using him to militarize Starfleet."


       "So, based on our conversation, Commander Spock activated the war heads to detonate, in an attempt to destroy the Vengeance and so, Khan."


       Ambassador Spock moved to stand in front of Khan.


      Kirk watched as the two faced each other. Both still and unreadable.


     The elder Spock spoke first.


     "Seventy-two torpedoes exploded. What is it you believed happened?"


     "You know what happened, Vulcan. They destroyed my people."


     Khan's voice was tight. His rage barely controlled.


     "The cryo-tubes were not on board them."


      Khan struggled to rise only to be held in place by his guards.


      "What. Have. You. Done!"


      "Commander Spock removed your people before preparing the weapons for transport. I am sorry. Our actions have caused you great anguish and great harm has come of it."


       The expression of emotions on Khan's face was open and raw as he sought out the younger Spock.


      "You spared my people?"


      Khan took several deep breaths in his attempt to regain his composure then he slowly turned to face Ambassador Spock once again.


     "Twice since my awakening this Starfleet has seen fit to use innocent sleepers to drive me to acts of revenge fueled by my rage, my grief, and my despair believing that they had been murdered, so that you could feel justified in seeking my death. So be it. I no longer care what happens to me. All I ask is that they be allowed to survive. Just see to it that they do not share my fate."



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Oh dear, be careful what you wish for ... now we got a Khan reaction shot and this is heartbreaking :(. To be forced through this emotional grinder in front of all those strangers ... ouch. Hope our guys are proud of themselves.


@stun: I think Augments also got augmented hearing - so it's possible he heard Kirk's order.

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@stun: I think Augments also got augmented hearing - so it's possible he heard Kirk's order.


Shades of Spock overhearing McCoy's compliment at the end of TOS "Operation: Annihilate!" (AKA "The One With the Flying Flapjacks").

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@stun: I think Augments also got augmented hearing - so it's possible he heard Kirk's order.

I got to thinking about that too and anything is possible. But even Uhura's body shots were having some effect so it's still possible that a direct shot to the head, if I am remembering it right, still might have stunned him if only for a second or two, and maybe not.

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Whatever best serves your story is what actually happened.  :D  Just assert that it was so!


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Whatever best serves your story is what actually happened.  :D  Just assert that it was so!

The oracle has spoken.

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Doesn't really matter, anyway - either Khan was stunned or he faked it well enough to convince Kirk, so he tells it as he saw it.


Waiting for chapter 7 :bouncy:.

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The Past Not Repeated: Chapter 7    I do not own anything pertaining to Star Trek. This is fanfiction for the joy of it. I am not, nor do I ever intend, to make any money off of this.




       Khan turned his head away, retreating behind a wall of silence that one could almost feel go up.  Ambassador Spock took a few steps backwards then slowly turned to face the mediator.


       "I have no further comments."


       The mediator nodded. "Very well. Thank you, Ambassador, you may take your seat."


       He took a deep breath and released it slowly. The atmosphere in the room had become subdued after Khan Noonien Singh made his pronouncement.


       "Is there anyone else who would like to make a statement or give testimony?"


       Kirk shot a glance toward Carol Marcus. This could not have been easy for her. She sat stiffly on the edge of her chair, looking pale and pensive but she made no move to stand. The moderator waited a few moments longer but when no one else made any motion, he spoke.


       "It is now a quarter to noon. This hearing is now adjourned. I will be reviewing all the testimonies, evidences, and statements presented here today.  We will reconvene at 8:30 am tomorrow at which time I will give my findings and recommendations on whether or not Mr. Khan should be formally charged and bound over for trial. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, you are dismissed."


       Once again everyone rose to their feet as the mediator stood and left the room. Kirk watched as Khan turned and fairly swept out of the room, head high, taking no notice of anyone around him, not even his guards. Slowly the room began to clear. He noticed that Carol stood alone, no one taking the time to say as much as "hi, how are you" to her. So he made his way to her side.


       "I'm not going to say anything so inane as how are you doing. A pretty stupid question right about now."


       She gave him a sideways glance, then sighed.


      "It's pretty awful, isn't it? I wanted so badly to stand up and say something, anything, in Dad's defense. But it all sounded so hollow, even to me when I rehearsed it. I heard what he said to you from the Vengeance. I even slapped his face and told him how disappointed I was to be his daughter right then. But for all that, he didn't deserve to die that way."


       She sighed again as she dashed a tear from her cheek.


      "It's the fact that he purposely set out to kill people. The entire crew Federation Starship that I find so disturbing. That he would practically enslave another being and use that person to commit horrific acts of terrorism. That is not the Dad I knew and loved. And because he is dead, I can't ask what was going on with him. No one can. It's just a horrible situation and I hate it. Dad is being investigated by both Starfleet Command and the Federation Council. They want to know more about this Section 31 and how Dad was involved. Everything he was in Starfleet. His standing, his reputation. How did it all go so wrong?"


      Kirk fell silent. What could he say to that. Not that he didn't want to, it was just that words seemed so inadequate. As they made their way out of Starfleet's Judicial complex, Ambassador Spock made his way towards them.


      "I would like to invite you all back to my lodgings. I think some quiet conversation and light refreshment might be helpful."


      Dr. Marcus shook her head in the negative.


     "I have to meet with a delegation from the Federation Council. We are still going through Dad's personal records and trying to trace his inventory. Projects he talked about, along with surviving records from the Section 31 bombing. But thank you for the gracious invitation, Ambassador. Captain Kirk, Commander."


      Kirk watched as she turned on her heel and practically marched off.


     Ambassador Spock broke into his thoughts.


     "It is a difficult time for all of us. Both in Starfleet and the Federation. Starfleet Command is teetering on the brink of a major scandal. The Federation Council has seen fit to implement a system of checks and balances to over see the investigation to insure the safety of a certain group of unique human beings. It has been rumored that activist groups have petitioned to have Khan and his people put on an endangered species list."


       Kirk's head snapped to face the elder Spock. A wry smile touched the venerable Vulcan's lips for a brief second.


       "Not even such a designation would be useful to Khan should he have to stand trial and the verdict go against him. But it would put his crew under the protection of the Council. None would dare interfere with them in any way."


       The group drifted across the complex's concourse.


      "Will you join me?"


      The younger Spock nodded.


      "I would be honored, Ambassador."


      Kirk paused  to look up into the bright sky then he turned his eyes to the two Vulcans. A paradox, yet neither one had disappeared nor had the world come to an end. For both blessings, he was grateful.


      "I would like that. Thank you, Ambassador."


      The elder Spock gave a graceful dip of his head then turned to lead the way to the apartments set aside for his use when on Earth.


       "I am glad. We have had little chance to converse since your emerging from the coma."


       The Vulcan's apartment was bright and airy as Kirk expected. The furnishings were austere but comfortable. Two trays of drinks and a light repast of sandwiches and salad were soon on the low table situated in the middle of a setting of chairs and a sectional sofa.


       "Please help yourselves. There is no need to stand on ceremony here."


       Kirk leaned forward and took up an iced glass and a sandwich. He knew everything would be vegetarian but he found most Vulcan cuisine flavorful and seldom off-putting.


      "I suppose it's a silly question, but why did you come all the way from New Vulcan? I mean, you arrived before I was even awake."


       "Yes. I received the report of the Vengeance's crash landing and learned that Khan had survived. It intrigued me. Khan Prime had not survived the destruction of his ship, let alone a crash landing. I wanted to learn what made your Khan stronger. More resilient. I knew of one person who was in a position to indulge his own curiosity. To, in his own words, "see what makes this man tick."


      "Dr. McCoy?"  The younger Spock paused before taking a bite of salad.




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The Past Not Repeated: Chapter 8.


      I own nothing pertaining to Star Trek. Money has not, nor ever will, change hands. This is just my plot bunnies working overtime, or rather, they are having the fun, I am the one working overtime trying to keep them happy. But I don't mind, I rather enjoy the ride.




      "Precisely. I felt confident that once Dr. McCoy had Khan in a position where blood could be drawn, the good Doctor would not be able to resist the temptation to take a few DNA samples as well. I was correct."


      Both of his guests paused in their eating to look at him expectantly so he continued.


       "Khan is the result of some very complex and fascinating genetic manipulation. There can be no doubt that these seventy-three people are primarily and uniquely human. However, at least one marker lays to rest the age old debate as to whether or not Earth was ever visited by extraterrestrial lifeforms. This Earth was. Beyond all question."


       "So that is what you meant when you said that an engineered organism should not be condemned for exceeding its creator's expectations."


       "Very true, Commander."


       Kirk frowned. "What is this alien marker you're talking about?"


      "In the DNA samples it showed what has been tagged a defect in their genomes. As in Khan Prime, this defect results in a high degree of aggression, a tendency to violent behavior, and a decrease in what we consider to be normal moral behavior. Since these people were purposely engineered with these traits, I believe that judgement to be both illogical and invalid. This was and is especially true in both Khan's. While he was, and is, a creature of emotion, he could and does also exhibit a great deal of control over his more violent tendencies when the situation warrants it."


      "So if this isn't a defect, what is it....oh...wait. Are you saying that the defect is actually alien?"


      "I am and it is. Dr. McCoy allowed me to send samples of the genomes to New Vulcan to be studied in the Vulcan Academy there. There can be no doubt. The markers in that so called defect are Vulcan. It was long believed that Vulcans had visited Earth Prime in its early history though no evidence was ever forthcoming. Khan Prime's DNA was preserved and the defect was known to exist, but the origins of it were unknown. It was believed to be a genetic anomaly and nothing more."


      Commander Spock fell into a contemplative silence while Kirk looked between the two Vulcans in clear amazement.


     "But I don't get it. You are so proud of your lack of emotions. To be in such strict control of yourselves...."


     "Only because we spend our whole lives, beginning from early childhood, in the Way of Surak. If you truly studied Vulcan history you would find that we too were, and still can be, ruled by our emotions. And in those moments when we do lose control, we can be extremely violent and destructive. You yourself have been on the receiving end of such an outburst when young Spock was emotionally compromised due to the death of our mother and the destruction of old Vulcan. Khan also was subject to another such outburst when Commander Spock believed his Captain and friend to be dead."


      "Which he was."


      "Indeed. But you, then, should be able to appreciate how Khan felt on the bridge of the Vengeance when he believed that every one of his crew members had been destroyed with the torpedoes. That he alone, of all his race, survived. But enough of this. Let us turn to something more pleasant."


       Later that evening Kirk found himself back at his apartment alone. Pub crawling had no appeal after his visit with Ambassador Spock and the conversations that accompanied their meal. Not even the thought of female companionship had been all that tempting. Sleep had come, but it hadn't been restful. In the wee hours of the morning he found himself standing at the window gazing up at the silent stars and wished to be among them.


       He knew he shouldn't care what happened to the man named Khan. He was dangerous. Kirk had seen that cold unemotional face in the aftermath of a wanton shooting. But he had also seen Khan in tears. Both in remorse and in finding that seventy-two cryo-tubes still existed after the weapons they had been housed in had been detonated. A part of him did not want to see that life snuffed out no matter what Khan had done to deserve a death sentence. The sound of his alarm clock going off brought him out of sleep. He blinked groggily and stretched. He had no idea what time he had finally dropped off. He was still dressed so he grabbed a clean set of clothes and headed for the shower.


       The hearing chamber was filled to capacity. Small groups of people stood or sat talking softly. Kirk just wanted the whole thing done and over with. At precisely at 8:20 Khan and his guards filed in and took their places. Taking this as a cue everyone in the room found seats. Exactly 10 minutes later the mediator entered and everyone stood. The man looked around and nodded.


      "You may all be seated."


     Then he turned to face Khan.


      "I am not going to drag this out. After reviewing all the evidence, statements, and testimonies given yesterday, and in light of the extenuating circumstances surrounding this case, I can find no reason to charge you. I have shared my decision with Starfleet Command and they have communicated that they will not seek to contest my findings. That being said. Sir, you present a very great temptation. You are one formidable weapon in your own right when the right buttons are pushed. There are any number of fringe groups and governments, domestic and alien, who would love to get their hands on you."


      "Though I wish there was some other solution, for the time being I can see no other recourse than to order you returned to cryo-stasis. This will happen as soon as your original cryo-chamber can be located and examined to make sure it is in excellent working order. To you who were charged to guard him as a prisoner.... now have the duty of keeping him safe from all harm until such time that you are formally dismissed from that duty."


      Then he turned to face the room.


     "I am taking under consideration Ambassador Spock's testimony in hopes of finding a suitable solution in keeping Mr. Khan and his people out of harm's way. I want to thank Mr. Tollman for his time and effort and Captain James T. Kirk for his attendence and testimony so soon after his hospitalization. And Commander Spock as well. This hearing is now concluded. Thank you all."


     Kirk could only stay seated. He didn't know quite what to feel. But something told him that the choice had been the right one. He glanced to where Khan and his now body guards stood, Khan and Tollman in quiet conversation. After a few moments Khan turned and he and his small retinue left. Kirk made a decision and headed for Tollman.


     "Excuse me, sir."


     "What can I do for you, Captain Kirk?"


    "It's just, I think I know where that twenty-third cryo-tube might be."


     "Tollman straightened up and gave Kirk his full attention.  "Where?"


     "That space dock where my Chief Engineer found the Vengeance."


     "Would he be willing to go take a look?"


     "Yes, sir. I am sure he would. I would also ask to be there when Khan is put back into stasis."


     "Your ship's doctor, McCoy is familiar with the process, isn't he?"


     "Yes, sir. He is."


     "Then I see no reason why you can't be there since you are supplying most of the man power and expertise."


     Kirk paused for a moment longer.


     "Is there something I else I can assist you with, Captain?"


     "Can you tell me where they are housing Khan?"





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Wow, two chapters in one day - it's :xmas:! And so beautifully done, too, both of them - I'm jealous (j/k ;)) that you handled the Vulcan heritage part so well, and the parallel between Spock's and Khan's emotional state after seeing/believing to see their people killed is both fascinating and absolutely true; I'm curious how Spock Junior is going to treat Khan now, if they do meet again.


You keep hitting right in the feels, thank you for sharing this with us :wub:.

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Chapter 9


       Don't own Star Trek. Don't own Khan, Captain Kirk, nor do I have a piece of any of the movies or spinoffs. Fanfiction for fun only, not profit. No copyright infringement intended.




       "Kirk to Mr. Scott."


      "Aye, Captain?"


      "I need you to go out to the space dock where you found the Vengeance. I'm thinking that is where Khan's cryo-tube might be. Take Chekov with you."


      "It's not been found yet, that I can tell ya."


      Kirk frowned into the video link.




      "Well who do ya think led the Starfleet tech boyos out there in the first place. I knew where that great bloody ship came from now didn't I."


       Kirk sighed and rubbed his forehead.


      "Is there anything else, Captain?"


     "No. That will be all, Scotty. Kirk out."


     Commander Spock watched as his friend and Captain paced to the window of the suite only to stop and stare out of it.


    "Is there a problem, Captain?"


    "What?  Oh, no. It's just that.....I feel out of the loop."


   "You were in a....."


    "Yes, Spock!"


    Kirk paused as he rubbed his temples.


    "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you. I guess I'm going a little bit stir crazy. They're saying that it's going to be a year or better before the Enterprise can be ready to fly again."


     "There is no need to apologize, Jim."


    "Look. I am only human but I am also your captain. If I think I need to apologize, then I will."



    Kirk knew it was half said in jest and that it would probably go right over his first officer's head. But he really was feeling edgy and out of sorts and he didn't like it. He looked out over the cityscape towards the sunlit sparkle of the distant bay. But his mind was amid sparkle of a different kind. More distant and cold but much more loved.






   "You have a call coming in."


   Kirk's attention snapped back into the here and now and he became aware of a soft pinging sound. His shoulder's slumped. He really wasn't in the mood but he knew he had to answer it regardless so he moved to activate the connection.


     "James T. Kirk here."


     "Captain Kirk, this is Tollman. You requested to know where Khan was staying so I am letting you know that he has been relocated to a safe house for the time being. I have contacted the Federation Council and they have cleared you for visitation, if you so wish."


     "I would like to, yes."


     "Very well. I will come and get you. The Council feels that I should be there, whoever asks to visit. Though contact is being strictly vetted."


     "Of course. I understand."


     "Very good. You can expect me in no more then ten minutes. Tollman out."


    Kirk broke the link and turned slowly. Spock was inscrutable as always.


    "No dire warnings?"


    Spock placed both his hands behind his back.


    "Perhaps there are none to give."




       Kirk and Tollman sat across from each other on a set of matching sofas. The suite of rooms was large, with plenty of natural light but Khan, standing with his back towards them, managed to give this room the impression of being cramped.


      "This is not freedom. My crew and I are no less prisoners now than we have been for the last three hundred years."


      "Khan, listen to me.The Federation is planning to send one of our Starships out on a five year mission. There is so much space still unexplored. Worlds and civilizations we know nothing about. Surely some of those planets out there may even be uninhabited. Just be patient."


      Khan finally turned slowly to face his guests.


      "Do you truly believe we have five years, Captain."


      Tollman managed to look incensed.


      "What do you mean? The moderator said that you was not be charged,"


       "But we all know that neither am I innocent.  Just because your justice system has allowed me to walk away without charge or punishment does not mean there are not many who believe that you have made a grave mistake and who would be willing to go to great length to set the record straight."


   Khan paused to let them digest the thought, then continued.


      "Surely you cannot believe that Admiral Marcus was acting alone in his quest to make your Starfleet a force for war and intrigue? Who else was supporting him in this endeavor? You, Kirk, saw the size and power of that ship. Now try to imagine the size of the space dock where she was constructed. Can you? That takes funding. No one man, no matter how well he was paid, could ever hope to accomplish such a project on his own. How safe are my people from those in your Starfleet who believe in what Admiral Marcus was doing? How safe are any of you?"


     Tollman seemed to sag into himself. "And Starfleet probably suspects that the Federation Council will be looking for financial records as well as whom his close associates and friends were. Especially those with money and clout."


      Khan gave a slight shake of his head. "Only a fool would believe otherwise. There is no blame to be laid on you there."


     Kirk felt his anger rising. Admiral Marcus had purposely set out to destroy any Starship that had volunteered to go after Khan on Qo'noS. He was damned if he would let anything like that happen again. To Khan or any other ship and crew.


      "You said it at the hearing. "This Starfleet." "This" is what it must never be allowed to become, ever. The Federation of Planets is held together by the trust each member planet and its governments and peoples maintain in the Federation Council and in Starfleet. Let it become war hawkish and clandestine and it all falls apart. We lose the trust of the current members and no other planet is going to be willing to open up negotiations. We have spent the last three hundred years in working to be open, trusting. Looking to peaceful ways of settling our differences in diplomacy. Yes, there are conflicts. But we do everything in our power to avoid all out-war. Always."


      Kirk paused drawing a deep breath.


     "We can and will protect you."


     "It seems we have had this conversation once before, Kirk.  You had no idea what Admiral Marcus was doing. Do you have any idea how high this reaches? Who your enemies within Starfleet are? They will believe that they are justified in their actions, just as the admiral did."


      "We have all the Federation behind us now."


      Khan's face was touched with a wry smile.


      "Revenge is a powerful motivator, Kirk. Love, even more so. Those who believed in your Admiral Marcus, supported him, even loved him --they will not let this rest."


















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And here I was hoping they'd finally talk, but no, you're keeping us in suspense :P. You know I'm gonna badger you relentlessly for the next chapter now :lol:. Ahh ... here it is :wub:.


Suspension aside, kudos for your Scotty dialogue. That totally sounds like him.



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CHAPTER 10:  No copyright infringement intended in any of this work. Just a fanfic for fun, not profit by any stretch.




        Tollman stood sharply to face Khan.


      "You have got to try to trust..."




      The word fell brittle and bitter from Khan's tongue.


       As Kirk opened his mouth to give a retort, Khan held up a hand palm out, giving a slight shake of his head then lowering his hand slowly.


       "I have no other option. I am no longer able to protect my crew. You say that you and your Federation will. So be it. I will hold you to that promise."


       With that, Khan turned back toward the window. As it had happened at the hearing, Kirk felt a cold wall of silence materialize between the man and everyone else in the room. Tollman, sensing that the visit had come to an end, stood, with Kirk doing the same. Tollman looked like he wanted to say something but instead he simply shook his head and headed for the security lock. Kirk glanced at the silent figure silhouetted in the window then followed Tollman.


       Kirk spent the following two days quietly bored out of his skull. He was still on medical leave and Dr. McCoy seemed determined to make sure Kirk spent as much time at the Medical Center as possible. McCoy was adamant that the visits were absolutely necessary. Kirk had been clinically dead from radiation poisoning and it was only logical -- Kirk had almost laughed himself off the examining table at the look that came over the doctor's face when that word tripped eve so innocently from his lips -- to keep a close eye on his progress.


       Kirk was more of a mind to believe that the Medical Center was more interested in what effects Khan's supercharged blood cells might have on a normal human being. If it could save the dead and dying, what other changes could it, and did it, make in the biochemistry of that blood's recipient.


       "One more reading, Jim, and we're done for the day."


      Kirk shot his ship's doctor a look of pure frustration.


     "Can't we make it for the next two tours of duty?"


      McCoy was in the middle of turning towards his grumpy captain when Kirk's communicator chirped.


      "You're supposed to turn that damned thing off while in the Center. You know that."


     Kirk managed a slightly abashed look all the while fishing the device out of his trouser pocket.


      "Don't you dare answer that, Jim." McCoy glowered at him.


      Kirk flicked his wrist.


     "Kirk here."


     McCoy rolled his eyes and huffed loudly.


     "Scotty here, Captain. Thought ya would like ta know. We've located Khan's cryo-chamber. It's been reported to the Federation Council and they've ordered it back to Earth without delay."


     Kirk fairly jumped off of the examination table and headed for the door.


     "Thanks, Scotty. Kirk out."


     McCoy was hot on his heels, instrument in his hand.


     "Where the hell are you going, man!"


     "You said that I can't use my communicator here."


     "You just did!"


      "No, I received a call. Now I have to make one so I'm going to do it outside."


      "I haven't taken the last......"


      "It can wait! I'll probably be back here in a day or two anyway."


     The running dialog carried both men into an elevator and down to the lobby. Kirk was just stepping through the exit when his communicator chirped again.


      "Kirk here."


      "Captain Kirk, it's Tollman. I need to speak to you, but I also need to know when the best time to get in touch with your Dr. McCoy would be?"


      "Just hold on a minute."


      Kirk walked smartly back into the lobby just as McCoy was stepping back into the elevator so Kirk broke into a sprint.


      "Bones! Hold the door!"


     A hand shot out to keep the door from sliding closed, followed by the doctor's face with a look of startled worry.


      "Are you all right, Jim? What's the matter?"


      Kirk slid to a stop and held up the communicator.


     "It's Tollman, and he needs to talk to you."


     McCoy's shoulder's slumped slightly.


     "Oh, all right."


      McCoy fairly snatched the instrument from Kirk and marched towards the exit. Once outside he answered the call.


      "Dr. McCoy here."


      "Ah, Doctor. This is Tollman. I have been notified by the Federation Council that Khan's cryo-chamber is on its way here. Kirk told me you have had experience in operating the cryo-sequences?"


      "Yes, I have."


      "The Council has issued the order that Khan is to be returned to stasis at 3:30 pm day after tomorrow. The cryo-chamber is expected to arrive early that morning. Since Captain Kirk has expressed his wish to be there, I can pick you both up and take you to the facility where Khan and his crew will be held until a suitable environment is found and they can be safely transferred and awoken."


      McCoy paused then cast a glance at Kirk before answering.


      "I can do that."


      "Thank you, Doctor. It will be very much appreciated. May I talk to Captain Kirk?"


     "Of course. He's right here."


    McCoy held the communicator out for Kirk to take.


    "Kirk here, Mr. Tollman."


     "Captain, Khan is going to be returned to stasis day after tomorrow. I will pick you and Dr. McCoy up and take to where Khan's people will be held until they can be released. Tollman out."


     "Thank you, Mr. Tollman. Kirk out."




      Kirk slowly climbed out of the vehicle and looked up at a large hanger. Tollman, McCoy and Ambassador Spock with the younger Spock close behind stepped out and joined him.  The sound of another approaching vehicle caught his attention and he turned to watch it pull up and stop. All of its doors opened in concert . Khan stepped out as his guards also climbed out and moved to stand near him. He paused only a moment then looking around, nodded to Kirk and those who had come with him, then stepped towards the open door awaiting them.


      When Kirk stepped out of the sunlight into the cool interior, he paused. The seventy-two cryo-tubes gleamed darkly even in the half light. Even though he had seen the torpedoes, the tubes were black. The first word that popped into his mind was "coffin" only to be followed with the fervent hope "let them be chrysalises".


       Khan moved slowly among the cryo-tubes. He might not be able to see the individual occupants but he knew each and every one by name. He had done his best to keep them safe. He could only hope that this was not utter failure.


      At the very end of the first rank of tubes was one that stood open. Khan moved to stand beside it and turned to look at Kirk, Tollman, McCoy and the two Spocks.


      "I am ready."


      McCoy stepped forward holding a hypo-spray. Khan gave him a tight lipped glance, then nodded and stepped into the chamber, lay down and settled himself. McCoy moved to stand over him. Khan turned his head slightly to the right, baring his neck to McCoy.  The doctor took a soft, deep breath then reached down and administered the hypo-spray that would induce a coma. It only took a few moments before Khan's eyelids fluttered briefly before closing fully. McCoy checked his vitals carefully then pressed the sequence that would put Khan Noonien Singh into deep sleep.




                                                                                                  To Be Continued..........................




















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Ahh, finally, chapter 10 (not that I'm impatient or such :lol:). Beautifully done, and I can see how trust is a bit much to ask, like this.

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Not finished but since I had this much written, I thought it best to get it started anyway.

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Yeah, I was hoping there'd be more of the chapter edited in later, but I didn't want to keep bothering you for more ;).

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You are not bothering me. This is what feeds an author. The support and nudging from their audience and friends who want to see more.

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Well, in this case ... back to your pencil&paper, subito, you left us hanging with a bit of foreboding cliffhanger about Kirk :evil:.


Seriously though, thanks again for sharing your story with us, I've never been a prouder godparent to a plot bunny :).



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This plot bunny is one hyper bunny. Must be Baskerville bred.

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