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Meta: John Watson's medical discharge


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As per usual, this is not one of mine but as LJ is kind of the poor relation in fandom circles now, I always like to share.


In previous meta, Wellingtongoose on Livejournal has discussed why John would have to be an army GP rather than an army surgeon amongst other things, which you can read as part of her Semantics in Healthcare series.


In the latest meta, John's medical discharge is discussed, with a bias towards the personal head canon mentioned in previous metas (GP, not surgeon etc), with reference to the income an army pension would provide and just why, in this day and age, a person with John's apparent level of disability would be deemed unfit to fill his role (which as an army GP, for instance, wouldn't have been on the front line of combat).


Explaining John Watson's Medical Discharge

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Oh, good -- I've been wondering about that!


Thanks for passing this along, 'cause I never think to look and see if there's anything new on Wellingtongoose's blog, but when there is, it's always interesting.


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