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2 hours ago, Carol the Dabbler said:

Probably just as well that I never started watching the show, then.  At that point I would have either quit in disgust or else like you I would have spent the rest of the series yelling at the screen.

I suppose they were going for "realism," but if I wanted that I'd watch the news.


House is a very flawed character, which incorporates both good and bad. The first four seasons were the high point; after that, as too often happens with medical dramas (cf. ER; Grey's Anatomy) most of the original cast had departed, to be replaced with 'younger, hotter' interns, whose hooking up and romance soap operas overrode the medical drama which was the ostensible reason for the show in the first place.  Addicts also become very tedious after a while with their antisocial behaviors.  After House went off the air,  the baton for self-destructive addict-centric dramedy was picked up by Showtime's Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco, a sort of female House, albeit she's a nurse.  A nurse in a busy Manhattan ER with unfettered access to really good drugs.  Her Achilles heel is the same as House's, an addiction to pain narcotics initially taken to manage a real medical issue.

House is worth a view to see how thoroughly a very skilled actor can become a completely different person.  I actually had not seen of any of Hugh Laurie's work prior to House and so I had no difficulty at all accepting him as a doctor from New Jersey.  He's brilliant, and the role has a bit of everything, including physical humor.  It's realistic to a point, though it's really astounding how many extremely rare (like in, never before seen in humankind) diseases wind up in House's diagnostic unit.  The comparison to Sherlock Holmes is apt because until the show started losing its focus around about Season 4, the 'medical mystery solving' aspect was front and center.  Hugh would make a fantastic Victorian era Holmes, but this was the next best thing.  Hard to believe that it's been 17 years since the show started.

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Please excuse the interruption!  A new member has posted a question in General Sherlock Holmes Discussion:

1 hour ago, Kathleen B. said:

I am hoping to find any thoughts that Holmes had about love for a screenplay I am writing. [....] I have delved into a few of Doyle's books with nothing noteworthy thus far. Are there any specific titles you feel I should read on the subject? 

I have pointed her to the beginning of A Scandal in Bohemia and the end of The Three Garridebs, but there are surely other tidbits that I know nothing about.  So if you ACD aficionados have comments or suggestions, please pop over to this thread [link].

Thank you, and we now return to the House discussion.


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