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Thread Somewhere To State What Other Fandoms We Ship?

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Could we have a networking thread whereby we can post what other fandoms we love? We could then make contact with other like-minded people and share other forum sites we've found to be good. As a result of the thread on Shoot The Wall, I would like to suggest that we have a place to at least say what other fandoms we like so we can further our friendships through that. If we've felt ousted from another fandom because of bullying, we might be able to access other people who either feel the same and so not feel shut out of a particular fandom altogether.


I understand if you feel this is not altogether appropriate but I am suggesting it to keep it out of other threads and keep the discussions here purely on Sherlock. The rant thread seems to have shown up that on-line bullying is throwing people out of fandoms. At least we might go some way to putting folks in contact with others who love the stuff they love. Although we all love Sherlock, we've no place to add the other things we like.


Unless I have been very dense and missed something... which is entirely possible as I have had flu and am not thinking quite straight...

Thank you

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There is this one, as suggested by Undead Medic. If you are looking for a more fandom/fanfic rec kind of thing, feel free to start one somewhere in the Mind Palace :)

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