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What about Sherlock's feelings for Molly?

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 But I dunno, seems like it'd be kinda hard for a director to introduce plot holes and sidetrack major characters.



Odd, this thread hasn't been showing up in my "recents" list. Oh well, probably something I did.


I think all the episodes have plot "holes" of some kind or another, don't they? (John "just happens" to find the right window through which to shoot the cabbie? At just the right moment?) Just some are hidden better, or something.


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A handy coincidence is one thing. They happen often enough in real life that they're relatively believable. But (just as an example) how is this believable: one of two men has stolen a valuable artifact from you. You don't know which man it was, and you have no idea where he might have hidden it. Do you torture each of them till one confesses and returns the artifact? Heck no -- you kill them both, and now nobody knows where the artifact is.

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And then you blindly follow a great detective so he could find out for you, too bad you can't even do it right and get the wrong guy, then ask your helpers to drag the ancient looking contraption to the tunnel only to dramatize a threat, oh, and kill a sister along the way, and oh oh, skyping in front of a window. :p

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