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for the old english illiterate of us…


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Recently I've been like I want to be excited about the parallels in the books & BBC Sherlock. Then I tried to read them, and knew, this is just not going to happen. :huh:


& then I was shown a great light. There was a voice that bellowed from the light. It sang in G, vibrato… AUDIO!


Listen along fellow old english illiterates, listen along:




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Goshwow -- free audio book, yet!  And the reader says that Holmes's "sense of fun can be sparkling."   :sherlock:   Sounds good!


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I know right. I just got finished listening to the full story of A Scandal in Bohemia. So there weren't just a few references. They followed this tale pretty well. The whole vicar thing, her looking back & the form of her body being highlighted when she got out of the cab.


I can see now why they thought to make her a dominatrix. The big brawl between all those guys over her. So today let's say she gets paid to beat them up versus them beating up each other.


She outwits Holmes. He doesn't get the photograph he's after of the German King. They referenced a German man in SIB.


She had been informed the King was going to seek his counsel & given his address. That fits with Irene looking @ her cell phone with photos of Sherlock leaving 221B on his way to the palace.


The only thing was she married off. In this version she's a lesbian in love with Sherlock. Hmmm. I do like the twist that Mark & Steve put on it. If they kept it the same as canon... Wouldn't have that delicious part... I Am Sherlocked! Sends chills down my spine every time.

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Here's another link for the audio reading of the Cardboard Box: part of " His Last Bow " :sherlock2::watson:





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