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Benedict Cumberbatch in The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses

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I am almost embarrassed to comment.

In every Sherlock group I have belonged to, all of the non-native English speakers manage the language so well.

But also of course, many Brits find Shakespeare difficult.

I was raised with it both at home and school and in fact still occasionally study it now...so I'm fortunate to find very few issues with it.

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I've read about a research which said that native speakers need only like 20% of information* to make sense of what is said, while non-native speakers need much better signal-to-noise ratio to understand.


*like hearing someone speaking in a noisy place, or not knowing some words.


But I digress :D


On the other hand there are texts in my own language that I find hardly digestable :P

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Yes, any specialism has it's own language.

Even as Sherlockians, we converse is a way that would be incomprehensible to those outside of the fandom!

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