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How I think Moriarty faked his death

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And if it's not twins, it might be triplets. (did I wrote it already? if yes, sorry)


That would actually be somewhat canonish.  Professor James Moriarty had a brother known as Colonel James Moriarty, mentioned in "The Empty House."  In another story (Valley of Fear?), Holmes mentions that the professor had a brother (name not mentioned) who was a railway station agent.  So -- possibly three Moriarty brothers (though if the colonel was also the station agent, it's only two).  And Holmes didn't say that they were *not* triplets (or twins).

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One and only answer Richard Brook. I don't think there's any possibility that Moriarty could survive bloowing his head off. That's what Sherlock figured out in TAB - Emillia Ricoletti found a women who looked exactly like her and that's how she faked that. 

But we literally saw how Morriart shoot himself so I think the only possibility is that it wasn't him - but Richard Brook (who we know was an actor) Also you know: it never twins!

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