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Steven Moffat news


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You know, I have only just discovered that Steven was awarded an OBE!

Not that it really matters to me, as I don't really do awards...

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Interesting!  Nothing earth-shattering, but lots of tidbits that I'd never known.

Also, although I'd heard of Debbie Vertue, don't think I'd ever seen her before.  There's definitely a resemblance with Sue.  Had to keep a close eye on the face to be sure which Vertue was on-screen!


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Thanks -- interesting interview, and nice photo of Moffat (credited to Louis Oliver, his son).

This quote caught my attention: "People are  always going on at me about out of sequence narrative, but what is the right order  to tell a story?"  The only time that habit of his actually bothered me was in "The Empty Hearse," with Sherlock filling Anderson in on "how he did it" between bits of Sherlock's scene with John in the bomb train.  I'm tentatively agreeing with Anderson there -- why would Sherlock tell Anderson, of all people?  So perhaps being "out of sequence" is our clue that the tell-all actually took place in Anderson's imagination.  He's no dummy, though, so he probably got pretty close to the truth.

I was about to say that they put Sherlock's "high-functioning sociopath" line in the wrong episode -- but they were right, and I was merely thinking about the time he repeated it in "Sign of Three."

"Dr Watson always kind of has been the person to whom the story  happens."  That's obvious in the original stories, what with Watson being the narrator.  But Martin Freeman does a marvelous job of being the more-or-less normal guy in the story, reacting much as we might in his shoes, and thereby providing a good deal of the humor, as well as keeping Sherlock (more or less) in line.


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