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Let's Play Deductions!

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To answer and conclude so far:


Not crustaceans, amphibians, or reptiles.

Not egg-laying mammal as well like Platypi.

Not insects or insect-feeders.

Not Carol the Dabbler. :)


It's subtropical.

It's house of some sort of animal, not a trap, quite near to a water body.

The white papers have some functionality.

Clue is little.

Box size around 50x40cm, height 25cm (approx. 20X16 inch,height 10 inch)


Another clue: they don't fly.

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Well done, Camper. Precisely.

Although I hope someone would say Little Pengwings. :)


Every night they land on the shore and walk a distance away to their nests. (Man made or natural). They have been successfully raised their offsprings in those man-made boxes.


Little penguin is the smallest, they are flightless, found mostly on Australia and NZ, with largest colony in Victoria, Phillip Island, well known for the conservation and education effort.


The white papers are some kind of windbreaker, sometimes found in city as well to protect newly grown landscape from strong wind.


Well done! Your turn.

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Dang! It's too easy..too easy.., isn't it?! :P


Not exactly water treatment plant. But yes, it's a water system known as qanat, used to transport water to human settlements or for irigation. It exists in various countries, this one is Eqypt.

Well done.


You have a picture to deduce SD?

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