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Linking URLs without increasing their popularity.


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That's a cool idea -- blocking the webcrawler bots from following your link, so that Google doesn't count your link as a "vote" in favor of the site (which would improve its position in their search results).  It apparently works.  I've found no references to DoNotLink that say it doesn't deliver as promised.


This site mentions another way of accomplishing the same sort of thing.  It also says that links posted on most social-media sites are automatically constructed in this way.  (I have no idea whether either claim is true.)  It also points out that no matter how you post a link, if you send people to that site, some of them may be convinced by it rather than by you.  But even this site admits that DoNotLink works as promised.


The comment on this blog post apparently points out some negative aspect of DoNotLink, but I don't understand this "flagging" that she's talking about.  Can anyone explain?  Added:  Oh, OK, this site has more info.  Apparently when you click on a DoNotLink link, you're shown the page within a framework supplied by DoNotLink, which includes previous readers' reasons for not liking the page.  The commenter felt this was unfair, but on the other hand, the flags don't stop you from reading the page and making up your own mind.


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Not much help for it, then, you gotta go there -- but remember that some sites count their visitors (especially sites with advertisers), no matter how they got there.  I agree that it's important to make up your own mind, rather than relying on someone else's opinion.  And even though arguing with the stupid journalists is unlikely to change their mind, if you can leave a comment on the page, you may be able to influence the thinking of later visitors.  So I guess you need to decide which is more important to you.


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