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The Adventures of Shirley Holmes


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When I started watching Sherlock and reading the orginal stories I also remembered a show I sometimes watched when I was younger:

The Adventures of Shirley Holmes ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventures_of_Shirley_Holmes).

It's not a version of Sherlock Holmes as the title already suggests. It is a show about a girl, Shirley Holmes who is Sherlocks great-grandniece in this version. She solves crimes with a boy called Bo (her Watson). Shirley also has a "Moriarty", another girl with the name Molly Hardy.

I know I liked the show when I was younger although I had only watched a few episodes and now I looked it up again. I found out that there many of the episodes on youtube, so if you don't know it you can have a look:


Does anyone else here know that show? I have just started re-watching the episodes I found, I think I can tell you more when I am more into it again.

Okay, Sherlock has brought me to re-watch a show of my childhood now. That's a bit scary, no other show had made me want to do that yet, but on the other hand there are memories connected with it and it's fun. At least I watch it in English now, that's an improvement, I guess. :lol:

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Wow -- welcome back EvigMidnat!   :welcome:   It's been a while!!!


And thanks for posting that link, Lalarun -- it looks interesting, so I think I'll have a look.


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