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Episode 4.0: The Abominable Bride (alias The Special)

Undead Medic

What did you think of "The Abominable Bride"?  

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8 hours ago, Arcadia said:

I find I enjoy Sherlock most when I watch it with left brain (artistic side) firmly engaged, and tell the right brain (analytical side) to take a hike.

I thought it was the reverse?  Isn’t the right hemisphere the creative side, and the left the analytical?

Edit: Google confirms.


“The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. It also performs tasks that have to do with logic, such as in science and mathematics. On the other hand, the right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body, and performs tasks that have do with creativity and the arts.”


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1 hour ago, Artemis said:

I thought it was the reverse?  Isn’t the right hemisphere the creative side, and the left the analytical?

Oh, quite right! :blush:  I must have been thinking of handed-ness, or something. 

1 hour ago, besleybean said:

Whatever, I find it quite a cerebral show.

Me too, in a right-brained sort of way. (Sheesh, I typed it backwards again the first time.... :picard2:)

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I always have to stop and think first.  Since I'm right-handed, it sounds backwards to me, so I need to do an inversion.  Wonder how it'd be if I were left-handed?

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Oh, did you think I meant how would my brain work?  No, I meant I wonder whether the terminology would still sound backwards to me, so that I'd need to do a logic inversion -- or would it sound more natural because my left hand would be the dominant one.

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