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Question about 'The cardboard box'


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Hi all. New here!

There were some lines in the text that I did not quite understand.

"You won't put me alone into a cell sir? For pity's sake don't, and may you be treated in your day of agony as you treat me now."

How has he been treated by Lestrade? Is he cursing him? Or bein thankfulr because he was 'nice' to him? Or neither?

The lines are part of the criminal's statement made to Lestrade.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello, sherlockpoirot -- welcome to Sherlock Forum!  :welcome:


I haven't read the story lately, but the lines you quote sound to me like he's afraid to be alone, and is begging Lestrade to be merciful by giving him a companion in his cell.  Then he says he hopes that Lestrade's mercy will be rewarded if Lestrade is ever in a similarly dreadful situation.


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Hello and welcome to the Sherlock asylum ;oops, forum I meant to say!
I particularly like the { "we" is rather fine, Watson, is it not?} as Sherlock Holmes begins to read the telegram from Lestrade, which ends Yours very truly G. Lestrade, leading to the whole Gavin/Greg running gag of this series. It's basically the poor man Browner's sense of guilt which forces him to beg not to be left alone with his memories of happy times with his wife and then her betrayal of trust and her sister's conniving at getting Browner for herself!

Have a Happy New Year!

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Hi folks, just a gentle reminder to avoid spoilers about the Special anywhere except in the "SPOILERS! What Did You Think of the Special?" thread ... there's a few people out there that haven't seen it yet and it would be a shame to accidentally spoil it for them. Thanks!
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