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2 hours ago, Arcadia said:
And would Scotland join the EU, you think? Ireland's already a member, right? Something tells me this will not end well.....

I'm sure that will happen, after all the entirety of Scotland voted to Remain back in 2016. Also me and everyone else with half a brain cell knows that leaving the EU would be like shooting themselves in the foot, only with Scotland wanting independence and northern Ireland considering a reunification with Ireland it's becoming a financial and economic suicide for England.

1 hour ago, Sheerluck said:
The Brexit headache is only beginning. Sigh.

Beginning? It's been going on for 4 years! It's like a headache that refuses to subdue no matter how much painkillers you take.


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I worry you may be right.

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Me, too.

In other news:  one of my pro-Brexit pals has just made a snipey post on Facebook, which I assume is directed at me.

Oh well...

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