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Episode 4.2 "The Lying Detective"

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9 hours ago, Carol the Dabbler said:

No, it wasn't cut (they stopped doing that after series 2), just been a while since I watched it. 


What all did they cut in series 1 and 2 for the American series? I'm only interested in the Mycroft scenes, where any of his cut?

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I've seen other people's lists on the internet, but have no idea how to find them.  I do recall that one gal said she'd sat with Ariane Devere's episode transcript on her lap while watching PBS, and every time something was cut, she marked it.  You might be able to find that with Google.

I wasn't at all that methodical, just made notes of things I happened to notice -- such as the following:

For Study in Pink

For Scandal in Belgravia

For Reichenbach Fall

I didn't notice many Mycroft cuts in those three episodes, primarily the "danger night" scene in Scandal and Cut #3 in Reichenbach.


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