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SPOILERS! Canon References in "Final Problem" (BBC version)

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"The Final Problem" is not so much based on Conan Doyle's story of the same name, it's more just named after it. But there are clearly some canon references.

(We may eventually merge this with the main Canon References thread, but for now it's far too spoilery.)

Just off the top of my head, there's the diagram (at the end) from "The Dancing Men." And there's a subplot that could be titled "The Three Garridebs," even though (at least at first glance) it bears precious little resemblance to the original.

What else?

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Buddy, do you know if it's true that there's a connection between the lyrics from Eurus' song, and some of the clues in "The Musgrave Ritual"? I'm still trying to figure out where they got this song from ... I'm beginning to think it was written for the show, rather than being some old folk song, like I first thought. It's a very odd song...



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Hi Arcadia,


Here is the link for TFP transcript: http://arianedevere.livejournal.com/92287.html


It contains both the song lyrics and how Sherlock uses it to solve the Musgrave Ritual.


As you said, the song was most probably written for the show, since the lyrics are modeled after the original format of questions and answers that Holmes solves in the original story ("The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual").



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Here is the original Musgrave Ritual for comparison:


Whose was it?

His who is gone.

Who shall have it?

He who will come.

Where was the sun?

Over the oak.

Where was the shadow?

Under the elm.

How was it stepped?

North by ten and by ten, east by five and by five, south by two and by two, west by one and by one, and so under.

What shall we give for it?

All that is ours.

Why should we give it?

For the sake of the trust.

For some reason the oak and/or elm have been changed into a beech tree (perhaps there actually was a beech tree at the filming site?), and the "steps" have been greatly simplified, but the connection seems pretty clear.  Then they added some extra words to make it more of a song.

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