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Your alternative ending?


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Hm. I think it is possible to see Mycroft in a way that makes neither his actions in The Empty Hearse nor The Final Problem seem out of character.


We know he hates "leg work". So there's a reason why he tries not to get personally involved, he may very well have an aversion to direct violence. I doubt he has much empathy though and he sat by quite comfortably while his little brother was tortured.


The situation in Serbia however was foreseeable and under control. I think that's key. At Sherrinford, Mycroft was already on edge when he arrived, then everything got out of hand and I think it's that, the loss of control and the unpredictability of the situation, that lead to his reacting the way he did when the governor shot himself. It wasn't the violent death so much as the context in which it occurred. Makes sense?

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No, it doesn't make sense to me. People already desensitized to violence would not react like in the S4, matter of fact that particular scene is the mark of mere tenuous grip of immunity to death and its reality. Even more ridiculous if put side by side with Mycroft's calmness when facing his own (supposed) death, that should shook someone more than other people's death because of the survival instinct in all human beings.


Besides, his roles/job must be involving a lot of uncertainty where situation could spin out of control fast. This is not Holmes the Elder from ACD's stories, this incarnation doesn't always sit safely in the Diogenes Club or his office crunching numbers and data while the real violence happens faraway. He can fight and willing to shoot someone with gun, how much farther it could be from actually do a killing himself 'for the greater good' especially if it means saving baby brother?


:P I object at Sherlock being called a gentleman, according to my standard he was a naughty boy in adult body who needs some unpleasant lessons and fast. Looks like Mycroft already did that in Serbia but Sherlock was too dim to realize that or maybe baby brother enjoyed too much big brother's protection and never crossed in his mind that one day Mycroft might not be there to pull him out from whatever mess he had created himself.

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On 9/24/2017 at 8:20 AM, Redbeard said:

Sometimes, I feel like they only killed off Mary because had she been around the finale would have been a Mary vs. Eurus showdown with Sherlock off sucking his thumb somewhere  :unsure:

@Redbeard Came across this while looking for something else.  Zowie, what a thought!  And you're right, that would have been an epic Sherlock-free battle, not exactly how the show's advertised -- though at least he'd have John to commiserate with.


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