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Great Forum. No complaints from me. The only way that I could think of improving it would be chat room. It would be good to have instant messaging and reply. I assume that this would be a technical issue (or an expense one?) Theres a chat room on one of the Ripper forums that I post on but no one uses it (less friendly chat there, more heated debate!) I’m unable to access it though because I have an iPad (I haven’t a clue why that’s an issue but it is.)

Thats my only suggestion.

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We did have a chat room for a while, and it got some sporadic use at first, but then just sat there, so Tim finally disabled it.  I suspect the main problem was that our members are spread all over the world.  The limited use that the chat room did get was mostly pre-arranged, for a time that several people could make themselves available at once.

Guess it's just one of those things that seems like a great idea until you actually try to do it.  Sorry!

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