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The world of Sherlock: tests and games

Sky Surfer

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Hello everyone! I want to tell you about new android app "The world of Sherlock: tests and games".

You can see and download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skysurfer.sherlocksworld

Uncover all secrets with Sherlock and his friends using deduction!

List of games:

1. Find Sherlock

The task of deduction. Try with the first time to guess where Sherlock gone. Analyze the facts and make conclusions. If you can't guess from the first attempt, then you will be given hints. I wonder how many attempts you will need to find the answer?

List of tests:

1. Who are you from the world of Sherlock?
2. How well do you know the series? (BBC's Sherlock quiz)
3. Your boyfriend in the world of Sherlock
In the 1st test, you will know which of the Sherlock BBC series characters you most like.

In the 2nd test you find 20 difficult questions about the content of the series. Only true fans, attentive and observantcan people can pass this difficult Sherlock quiz.

The third test about love. This test is for girls who want to know which of the Sherlock heroes might be their boyfriend.

Lists of tests and games will be replenished.


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