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Carol the Dabbler

Star Trek miscellany

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There's another new Trek on the horizon, this time an animated comedy called Star Trek: Lower Decks, that focuses on the rank-and-file crew members of a low-profile ship.  I didn't notice any mention of which specific Trekverse it'll be set in, but sounds like it could be fun.

Unfortunately for some of us, it's being developed for CBS's ironically-named streaming service, All Access.

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That new animated comedy (ST: Lower Decks) is in production, with two seasons already authorized and a release date of roughly "whenever we're ready."  Here's Wikipedia's overview.  It's still intended for streaming, but if it's any good it'll hopefully be available on DVD after that.


I just stumbled across this site last night (scroll down that page to see the full list).  It's a collection of in-depth interviews with people who were involved in the early days of television, including lengthy interviews with numerous people involved with the original Trek series.  Unfortunately the project doesn't seem to have begun in time to include Gene Roddenberry, DeForest Kelley, or James Doohan, but it does have the following (in alphabetical order):

Robert Butler (directed first pilot "The Cage")

Alexander Courage (composed Trek theme & some episode music)

Douglas S. Cramer (Paramount exec, oversaw Season 3)

Harlan Ellison (wrote episode "City on the Edge of Forever")

Dorothy "D.C." Fontana (story editor; wrote a number of episodes)

George Clayton Johnson (wrote episode "The Man Trap")

Robert Justman (heavily involved with both pilots and Seasons 1 and 2)

Walter Koenig (played Ens. Chekov)

Ricardo Montalban (played Kahn in episode "Space Seed")

Diana Muldaur (guest star, "Return to Tomorrow" & "Is There in Truth no Beauty?")

Nichelle Nichols (played Lt. Uhuru)

Leonard Nimoy (played Mr. Spock)

William Schallert (played Federation official Nilz Baris in "Trouble With Tribbles")

William Shatner (played Captain James T. Kirk)

Herbert F. Solow (Desilu exec; oversaw both pilots and Seasons 1 & 2)

George Takei (played Lt. Sulu)

Jane Wyatt (played Spock's mother Amanda in "Journey to Babel")

I have not watched any of these interviews yet, but certainly intend to have a look.  Please let me know if I've omitted any original-series Trek alumni who were interviewed.

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I just found that the site linked to above includes a good bit of cross-referencing, including a list of interviewees who talk about Star Trek, and for each of them, links to each segment of their interview that discuss the show.  Looks like I missed quite a number of people, and have a good bit more viewing to look forward to.

I recommend Herb Solow's segments in particular; he gives a number of insights into everything from the development of ST, to factors leading to the show's cancellation.

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