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Sherlock fan in Paris


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Hi ,

are there any Sherlock Holmes fan  living in Paris ( french or expat ) ? I was also wondering about real-life event in this city related to S.H , I saw there is a meeting of "Sherlock Homes society" 

here next weekend , but I am in weekend trip :(  Also as a sport -lover I have tried bartitsu , which is a  fighting art  practised by SH ..

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I believe there's someone else in France who's been fairly active on the forum lately, but I can't offhand think who it is, nor do I recall what part of France they're in.  There are definitely members in neighboring countries, but again I have no idea how far they may be from you.

Are you a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes stories, or mostly just the television show Sherlock?  It's my impression that most Holmes Society members are primarily Doyle fans (and a few of them may be fairly snobbish about that), although some members also enjoy watching movies and television programs based on his stories.  When you do get a chance to attend a meeting, it might be wise to just listen for a while, until you have some idea who is a media fan and who is strictly a Doyle fan.  In other words, don't walk in assuming that they'll all know (or care) who Molly Hooper is.  ;)

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Oh I certainly am fan of Conan Doyle stories, of course . Altough certain of them I did not read recently , and not in english . But I am beginning to re-read them  all in english,

after seeing the series :) I get also that older people may not be as much huge series fan in general compared to the younger one ,well of course there were plenty of adaptations of Sherlock Holmes for television I guess, but now it is on computer, android device etc ..


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