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Ranking Original sherlockian villains

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1. Professor Moriarty

2. Irene Adler

3. John Clay

4. Dr Grimsey Roylott

5. Biddle, Hayward, and Moffat

6. Jonathan Small ; Tonga

7. Jefferson Hope

James Windibank

John Turner

Hugh Boone ; Lascar

James Calhoun

James Ryder

Lysander Stark

Francis H Moulton

Sir George Burnwell

Jephro Rucastle

John Straker

Jim Browner

Lucy Hebron

Arthur Pinner

Hudson, Jack Prendergast


Alec Cunningham, Old Cunningham

Henry Baker

Harold Latimer, Old Associate

Jospeh Harrison

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2 hours ago, Abhay Saini said:

5. Biddle, Hayward, and Moffat

:rofl: TIL that there was an original Holmes villain named Moffat.



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I do remember several of those names (including Moffat, of course), but not enough to rank most of them.  Sorry!

However, I must protest the inclusion of the original Irene Adler as a villain!  If she broke any of the Victorian morality laws (it's never actually stated), it was apparently in a consensual manner.  She did not blackmail the King, merely kept the photo as protection against him.

And all she did to Holmes was fool him.  Call her his antagonist if you like, but a villain she clearly is not.



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14 hours ago, Abhay Saini said:

So many of them have names starting with J

That's partly because John and James are such common names.  Sir Arthur seemed to have a special fondness for James.  He even had Mrs. Watson calling her husband that in one story, though his name had already been established as John.  (No wonder some people refer to the author as Arthur Continuity Doyle.)

13 hours ago, Abhay Saini said:

i can't find a villain for Yellow Face unfortunately

I don't think there was one, unless you count fear.  The mother was afraid her new husband would reject her daughter, so she hid her from him.  Not a very exciting story, I guess, but I like it.


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