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How to make the forum more popular

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2 hours ago, SherlockandKey said:

I can only think of angry chain letters and Penny cartoons I'm afraid.

Chain letters, I've heard of.  But I didn't know what Penny cartoons were till I looked them up just now -- according to this article, "Subversive animation began with Pee-Wee's 'Penny Cartoons'."  So -- a very simple, easy-to-create style of animation.  Heaven knows Sherlock fans have tried just about everything else!  (They may even have tried Penny cartoons.)

Frankly, I suspect the only thing that's likely to get another series of Sherlock filmed is either the Moftisses get bored with what they've been doing in the interim and/or they come up with an irresistible new plot.  I suspect it'll be a few years yet.


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On 7/6/2021 at 6:32 PM, SherlockandKey said:

If it was that obvious, then the thread shouldn't have been made at all, no?

It's pretty obvious that some new episodes would be the BEST way to increase forum activity, but surely that's not the ONLY way to do it.  After all, it's not like we want a million posts a day -- who'd have time to read that many?!

So we remain open to ideas.  And we definitely remain open to new members!


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We don't just discuss the BBC show called Sherlock, though.  We definitely enjoy doing that, but we also enjoy discussing other things, including the original Sherlock Holmes stories, and puzzling things that we've seen, and so forth.

Also, I suspect that a lot of new members read things here that interest them, but then notice that the thread hasn't been posted in lately, and assume they're not allowed to reply to it.  I can understand why they'd think that, because I've been severely chastised for replying to old threads other forums.  Come to think of it, maybe one thing that would help would be to let new members know we're not like that.  I'll see what I can do.


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On 7/14/2021 at 8:05 PM, SherlockandKey said:

I think there's an unhealthy aversion to "necrobumping" on forums.

Good heavens -- if that's what they call it, no wonder they're against it!!!    :blink:

I prefer to think of those threads as Golden Oldies.



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4 hours ago, SherlockandKey said:

I say if the thread is not locked, then there is still discussion to be had.

What about the people that weren't around when the thread was initially posted?

Hear, hear!   :applause:


1 hour ago, Caya said:

We were just wondering why other places were so much against thread necromancy.

Maybe they don't want people posting on old threads because it isn't tidy?   :P   Or because it's AGAINST THE RULES!!!!?

In any case, you'd think they'd warn you when you join.  Oh, wait a minute -- maybe I didn't exactly read the rules?   :blush:    (There are only so many times that I can read the same blinking "be nice" rules before I go nuts.  So if a forum I joined recently happened to sneak in something different, I wouldn't have noticed.)


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Right!   :thumbsup:

The staff of this forum is all in favor of letting people post on any threads they want to (other than a very few that may have been locked for various unusual reasons).  And we don't understand why the staffs of some other forums will scold members who post in threads that haven't been posted in recently and/or will lock such threads.

We're looking into ways of letting people know that the latter is NOT our policy -- because we suspect that some new members needlessly hesitate to post in old threads on this forum, for fear of being chastised.


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On 7/23/2021 at 3:47 AM, SherlockandKey said:

I say if the thread is not locked, then there is still discussion to be had.

What about the people that weren't around when the thread was initially posted?

There, mostly, but again, we're all in agreement anyway, so there. :smile:

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