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How to make the forum more popular

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We have quite a diversity of members here.  Some (like you and Herlock Sholmes and Hikari) are canon buffs, some are primarily Cumberbatch fans, and so forth -- and the uniting interest is BBC Sherlock.

I suggest that you continue posting canon-oriented tidbits in the Casebook section.  Your take on "Yellow Face" was great, but you could also  (and more easily) post single questions or tidbits about individual stories, and perhaps get some discussions going.

Bear in mind that not all members read all the new posts.  Some seem to stick fairly closely to certain forum sections or even specific threads.  So your suggestions above might get more response if you post them in the Casebook section.


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18 hours ago, Inspector Baynes said:

... review the validity of Sherlocks supposed 'deductions'... throughout that month.

Will love this!

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