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I hate the moderation.

I understand why it must be done, however it becomes so very tedious that I make a small comment and then must wait many hours before anyone can view it. How is this a propper forum. Isn't the reason for the ADULT section so that the smut is filtered out only there? Somthing must be done about this.



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Once you're past the initial moderation period -- ten posts, I believe, but don't have time to look it up just now -- then your new posts will go directly onto the forum. The reason for moderation of new members isn't (just) the "smut," it's to make sure that they understand the forum rules in general, as regards consideration for other members, etc.


Hang in there, you're doing fine!

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I can appreciate that moderation is a pain, (I've been there myself) but I'm afraid it is a necessary evil. If only to help save us from drowning in torrents of spam. :)


Carol is correct, the moderation period is ten posts, however this may shorten in time.


Welcome, and keep posting, the moderation period will be up before you know it!

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Oh thank god!

I am over that hurdel.

I had no idea about the ten posts. (I really should get around to reading the rules!)

Thankyou, now I am...less...fusterated.

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If you're looking for the Spock / Star Trek / goodness-knows-what discussion that this morphed into, it's now "The STAR TREK Connection" over in the BBC Sherlock General Discussion forum. See all you Vulcans over there!

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