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Sherlock Holmes & Young Sherlock books

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Does the Andrew Lane Young Sherlock books spoiler about Arthur Conan Doyle books? I mean like A.C Sherlock shows a skill in his short stories and it surprise you but not of you read A.L Y.Sherlock first because in that row he learns that skill ?

Are the books connected like that ?

Thank you so much ❤️

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I haven't read the books, but if they're what the show Young Sherlock was based on, then I'd say they don't really spoiler the books.  They do introduce you to the character, so you learn certain things about him.  But I think if I'd read those books first, they would have made me curious enough to read the Doyle originals, rather than spoiling them for me.  Other people might well feel differently, of course.

Hey, L.Holmes -- welcome to Sherlock Forum!   :welcome:


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