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[The Adventure of the Dancing Men]What is the final code?


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Hello people.  I am new to this forum :)

I make a font of the dancing men stick figures, thi ones:



So, I am sure for the letters AEGHIMOPRST but I wonder if there is a full table of correspondences.


I find in the web this one:


And this other:


But, 1) the letter C is different because in the first table only the left hands it up, when in the second table both of them are up. 2) The second table have more defined letters.


I ask only of the letters defined in the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle work. If he let some letter blank, I need to know it.


Thank you in anticipation :)


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Hello, fauve -- welcome to Sherlock Forum!   :welcome:

I'm reasonably certain that you're correct, not all the letters were revealed in the original story.  I recall seeing a chart in some movie or TV adaptation of the story, probably the Jeremy Brett version, but I have no idea whether all the letters were filled in, or whether they were all from the original story (or if some had been made up).

It's possible that Conan Doyle published a complete list elsewhere, eventually.  If so, one of our Holmes experts may be able to tell us about it.


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