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The "people" Problem


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EDITED BY Carol the Dabbler


This problem was noticed on another (unrelated) thread. I have excerpted that sub-thread and moved it here.


First, SherLOCKED221 said:


Other (shorter) shows such as Law and Order have passing bad guys that either are arrested and or killed in one episode (exceptions apeopley)


Then Carol the Dabbler said:


There's that "people" thing again, that I was asking about over on the abbreviations thread. I get that (in this case) it's the word "apply" with the word "people" embedded in it. But why?


And SherLOCKED221 replied:


That "apeopley"?? I didn't write it!!!

Something must have gone wrong with the site, I don't understand it either

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maybe there's something odd in the code somewhere as apeopley has come up for a p p l y before now

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Thanks for letting us know that it wasn't your doing, SherLOCKED. I will PM Mr. Medic. But it isn't just "apply" that gets the "people" treatment -- I've also seen it with "apple" and (most commonly) with "applause" or "applaud" -- just about any word that starts with a-p-p-l. Checking the dictionary for other candidates -- there's appliance, plus variations on the aforementioned words.


I've been assuming it was something like pig Latin.


ADDED AFTER RUNNING A FORUM SEARCH: OK, I am thoroughly convinced that the people posting these "people" words are not responsible -- one of them cropped up in one of my posts a while back! But why are these words affected only sometimes? Let's try these:


I applaud you.

(exceptions apply)


The next question is, are the words corrupted at the time that they're posted, or do they "go bad" later on?

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Judging by a discussion I found online, it may simply the doings of an autocorrect algorithm getting a bit overzealous about expanding "ppl" into "people." Though why only sometimes, I have no idea.


I have PMd Undead Medic about it.

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It would appear that one of the entries on our "bad words" filter had the wrong setting checked. It should now be working correctly.

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Thanks, Tim!


I have repaired all of the auto-incorrections (except for those where this syndrome was under discussion) -- so if anyone sees this crop up again, please say something!

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