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Irene Adler actress


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Hi Dennis! :wave: To the best of my knowledge, she hasn’t, but I’m sure one of our experts is going to chime in soon with a definite answer.

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Hi, Dennis -- welcome to Sherlock Forum!   :welcome:

Like Caya, I'm no expert, and It's been a while since I watched the Rathbone movies -- but I don't offhand recall them ever having Irene Adler as a character.  I did find this on IMDb (on the Quotes page for Dressed to Kill) :

Watson : Humph, Irene Adler, what a striking looking woman from the brief glance I had of her. Seems only yesterday. What charm. Hmmmm. What poise. And what a mind! Sharp enough and brilliant enough to outwit the-the great Sherlock Holmes himself!

Holmes : I take it that the new issue of the Strand Magazine is out containing another of your slightly lurid tales.

Watson : It is indeed!

Holmes : And what do you call this one?

Watson : I call it "A Scandal in Bohemia." Not a bad title, huh?

Holmes : Hmm. If you must record my exploits, I do wish you would put less emphasis on the melodramatic and more on the intellectual issues involved.

Watson : More on the intel... what do you mean by that?

Holmes : Well I do hope you've given, um, *The* Woman a soul, she had one, you know.

Watson : By *The* Woman, I suppose you mean Irene Adler?

Holmes : Yes... I shall always remember her... as *The* Woman.

So apparently no actress in that movie, just some talk *about* the character.  I wouldn't be surprised if that was as close as they got in those movies.


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Irene Adler wasn’t portrayed in the Rathbone movies but she did get the mention in Dressed To Kill (quoted above by Carol)

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Thanks, Herlock.

Well, Dennis, there's your definitive answer -- if Herlock doesn't know of any appearance by Adler, then there wasn't one.


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