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Mark to receive a theatre award


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Mark is receiving an award, for his outsatnding contribution to theatre.

I post this here, because Andrew Scott paid tribute to him and had me sobbing...

I feel exactly the same way about darling Mark.

Trying to post a link and hoping you can see it...



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Mycroft was my first exposure to Mark as an actor but I searched up everything I could find that he has appeared in.

Like many character actors who disappear effortlessly into their roles and do the workmanlike labor of supporting the leads, his talents are underrated, but he stays humble…and busy!  His scenes as Mycroft with his onscreen “brother mine” where the highlights of the series for me.  I love the chemistry of the two Holmes boys.  As I am the oldest and dare I say the smartest of my own siblings, I am partial to Big Myc.  I feel we have a lot in common.  It is a testament to MG’s skills that he deftly created a very specific and so memorable character despite not much screen time.  He has taken the barely sketched in character of M given to us by ACD and brought him to glorious life.

Not forgetting his contributions as screenwriter and producer.  His Great Game episode in S1 was stellar—My favorite of that season. His contributions to the other seasons all had to stand out moments as well.

A very well deserved award.




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