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Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

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Why is it that so many people think it's OK to make fun of one particular religious song?  I'm taking about Kumbaya, an African-American folk hymn.  I suppose since it's partly sung in dialect ("kum ba ya" means "come by here," an appeal to God), some people may think it's just nonsense syllables, but you'd think they'd make some effort to find out, especially before they mock the song in movies and TV shows.  It's not like the song's meaning is any big secret.

I've been hearing these disrespectful comments for some years now, and just heard another one tonight (in a sitcom).  I don't belong to any organized religion myself, but I sure wouldn't ridicule anybody's religious songs, especially in public, and especially in the media.  Don't these people have any manners?

Added:  This NPR article dates the disrespect to circa 1990, which jibes with my own observations.

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