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Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)


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On 6/17/2018 at 9:55 AM, Arcadia said:

Carol, I heard back from my friend:

"Never delivery problems with nuts.com. They are real pros." VXsUlFD.gif

It's my understanding that the delivery service they use, UDS, uses contractors who work on commission (rather than employees who are paid by the hour).  So the contractors have incentive to make as many deliveries as possible per day, which may lead some individual contractors to do a quick and sloppy job.

I did get my peanuts right on schedule.  BUT they were not left at our front door, as the tracking info claimed (and as the other delivery services actually DO).  They were left perched on top of our mailbox, which is a mile from our house, at the entrance to our subdivision, and where anyone else coming into the subdivision would see them (and might decide to help themselves).

The loss of three pounds of peanuts would not have been a major disaster -- but this sloppy service makes me hesitate to place any larger orders -- which I would otherwise be likely to do.

Think I'd better tell all of the above to Nuts.com, in hopes that it'll be one complaint too many, and they'll switch to a real delivery service.

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Further to that conversation a while back about predictive text/autocorrect, and me saying I don't generally mind it, I have one major caveat. Place names. Because place names around here are rarely in English, nor do they follow English rules, the autocorrect has a fit over them. I just spent way longer than necessary convincing it that no, I did actually intend to write 'Mwnt.' 🤨

Oh, just noticed out emojis have changed, when did that happen?

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Yea, now I get the full iphone list of emojis. Look how far the scroll bar goes down. 

And... fail. 

I'm trying to upload a screen shot, but when I do I get an error message... which is blank aside from the okay box so I don't know what the issue is. 😡



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Oh -- so you're talking about your phone's emoticon set.  I have no idea why that might vary.  All I have any idea about are the forum's own emoties.

By the way, there may still be some people whose "device" does not recognize the phone-type emoties.  (Anybody here who can't see this: 😁 ?)  So it's  somewhat preferable to use either the forum emoties or else imported files like the one Arcadia used above.

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No, I'm not. I'm not on my phone. But I'm getting the same emoji options on my laptop (which granted is a mac) as on my phone. That has never happened before today as far as I'm aware. And that screen shot is what is showing in the drop down menu when I click on the smiley face symbol in this window when I'm typing a response. 

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Oh -- are you saying that's what you get when you click the emotie icon for the forum's reply box???

Hang on, lemme try.

Aha!  I see what you mean.  Apparently Tim has added a bunch of those "phone" emoties to the forum's repertoire.  The traditional forum emoties are still there, you just need to click categories (at the upper right corner of the box) and then select Sherlock Forum.

Apparently the forum software now recognizes those other emoties as well, so it's fine to use them now.  Cool!

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Hey, that is so unfair!


Look, I don't get the yellow faces, just some blank stuff (it seems like all those emojis are female)



For other categories, at least I still can see what the images are, but they are not colorful (are they supposed to?)

For emojis in Sherlock category I could see them in colors just fine. :boing::cheeky::comp::blanket::sofa2:

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Oh, poor VBS!!!! This new forum software is really out to get you, isn't it? Wish I knew enough to help.

At any rate, I have to retract my above statement about there's no way to know the code for each emoticon. I just discovered that if you type :sm you get a popup list of all the emoties that begin with those letters. For example, 😎 is :Smiling Face With Sunglasses:  BUT, it doesn't really matter, because it doesn't work if you type in the code. (And really, who's going to remember codes that are that lengthy!) You still have to select the one you want from the pop up list. But it's a bit more of a shortcut than clicking on the icon in the menu.

Almost any letter combination will work:






Okay, that last one does nothing. 🐸





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The possibilities appear to be almost limitless! 🐴 🌶️ 🐝 🌭 👞 all pop up when you type :ho, for instance. Maybe we are meant to give up words and only communicate in pictographs?

Ooooh, here's a really useful one: :shallow_pan_of_food: 🥘 Not!

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